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    8 Minutes in the Morning® Kit

    by Jorge Cruise
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    8 Minutes in the Morning® Kit by Jorge Cruise

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    Publisher Hay House
    Publication Date 7/1/03
    ISBN 9781401902797

    Product Description

    Jorge Cruise, the New York Times best-selling author, brings you his all-new kit designed to help you lose 5, 15, or 30 pounds in just 8 minutes a day!

    How does it work? Well, there’s a revolution going on in the field of weight loss. Aerobics and dieting are out. And strength training is in. Experts agree that the most efficient way to burn fat is to build lean muscle tissue. The problem is that no one has time to work out. Well, Jorge Cruise changes the rules. His 8-minute plan will empower you to shed 2 pounds a week at home. Add the cutting-edge eating program that teaches you how to eat the right fats to satiate your hunger and cut your calories – and weight loss has never been easier.

    This fat-burning kit contains:

    • An instructional CD with Jorge, where he shares his very own secrets on how to lose 2 pounds each week in 8 minutes a day.
    • 57 weight-loss cards that feature Jorge’s trademark 8-minute moves. By taking advantage of this NEW, portable, easy-to-use format, you will be able to create customized routines that you can conveniently take anywhere.
    • A mini-booklet that contains Jorge’s latest secrets for eliminating emotional eating.
    So get ready to look slimmer, sexier, and stronger in JUST 8 MINUTES!

    About the Author


    JORGE CRUISE used to be 40 pounds overweight. Today he is America's top fitness expert for stressed dieters and author of six consecutive New York Times best-selling series, with more than six million books in print in over 15 languages, including The Belly Fat Cure™. He has been featured on the Today Show, LIVE! With Kelly, CNN, The View, Rachael Ray, The Dr. Oz Show, and Oprah.
    Jorge believes your waistline is the most valuable measurement of fitness—and the purest definition of fitness is simply health. Jorge has spent over a decade coaching millions of clients to lose belly fat with what cutting edge science has revealed to be the true starting point for fitness: the kitchen, not the gym. It is impossible to sweat your way to true fitness, so there’s no need for videos, bands, or exercise balls.