A Relationship For A Lifetime by Kelly E. Johnson, M.D.

    A Relationship For A Lifetime

    Everything You Need To Know

    by  Kelly E. Johnson, M.D.


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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 10/1/01

    ISBN: 9781401933500

    Are you ready for an experience that will literally transform bad relationships into relationship success? Are you willing to take a look at your relationship choices and begin to understand what it really takes to create a relationship that lasts?

    A Relationship for a Lifetime is based on timeless and universal relationship themes that you can't afford not to know! The reality is this: Successful people have taken the time to understand themselves so that they don't continue to make the same relationship mistakes over and over. Likewise, there is a reason why you've been attracted to certain partners and why you would stay with someone who doesn't make you happy. There is also a reason why you may have experienced infidelity, sexual problems, a lack of communication, and a myriad of other issues that ruin your life relationships. This enlightening book will teach you to become your own relationship expert where you can create the relationship of your dreams.