A Stream of Dreams App by Leon Nacson

    A Stream of Dreams App

    by  Leon Nacson

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 3/7/12

    ISBN: IT116

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    Discover the true meaning behind the symbols in your dreams. A Stream of Dreams: The Ultimate Dream Decoder for the 21st Century is a convenient, quick-reference app that includes modern day symbols and interpretations. 

    Just look up any symbol and you'll find that the meanings behind that symbol are revealed in a manner you can actually apply to the situations that are affecting your life– and the choices that are available to you right now! – Leon Nacson 

    Each topic in your dreams has multiple levels of meaning for you to explore. First, the Quick Interpretation summarizes the meaning. Second, the Popular Expressions for this topic might trigger a memory of this symbol. Third, the full Meaning is explored from multiple possible perspectives to give insight and meaning to your particular situation.

    This app features:
    - An alphabetical listing of over 600 dream symbols
    - A 'See Also' section that links to related dream symbols
    - Introduction and More Information text from the Leon Nacson


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