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A User's Guide to the Universe: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits
Gregg Braden - On Demand Lecture

Date: 5/20/08 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $15.00

A User's Guide to the Universe: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits

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Fact: The universe is made of a shared matrix of energy that underlies our physical world!
Fact: Belief is a language that “speaks” to this matrix!

These two discoveries change everything that 300 years of thinking has accepted about the world and our relationship to it. They also give new meaning to our most cherished spiritual beliefs. A growing body of evidence suggests that it’s the marriage of science with the spiritual secrets of our past that holds the key to our future and our survival. Where will the wisdom of a spiritually-based science lead? It’s already happening and the answer may surprise you! Join best-selling author, scientist, and spiritual teacher Gregg Braden as he shares the case histories, true-life accounts, and powerful discoveries that:

• Reveal the powerful secret preserved in the remote monasteries of the world.
• Unlock the code that links disease, aging, and even reality itself, to your beliefs.
• Reveal the shift in your beliefs that your life and your body cannot ignore.
• Describe the global project that lays the foundation for the peace of our future.

In this fascinating two hours with Gregg, you’ll learn about the science of humanity’s future and its vision for humankind. You’ll discover who you really are, what you’re truly made of, and how you can use Gregg’s powerful discoveries to take your spiritual awareness to a heightened level. If you’ve found yourself asking, “What's next?” in your spiritual path, and have been waiting for your next teacher to appear, this seminar may be the door you’ve been waiting for to progress to a whole new level of spiritual awakening.