Angel Astrology 101
Discover the Angels Connected with Your Birth Chart
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Angel Astrology 101

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Publisher Lifestyles
Publication Date 3/12/14
ISBN 978-1-4019-4488-9

Product Description

Learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue's Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologist and Angel Therapist Yasmin Boland, this is the first book to combine angelology and astrology.

The 12 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand chapters describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them. Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects-but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels.