Archangel Daily Messages 2015 Calendar
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Archangel Daily Messages 2015 Calendar

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Publisher Lifestyles
Publication Date 9/1/14
ISBN 978-1-4019-4656-2

Product Description

Each page of Doreen Virtue's 2015 desktop calendar features a lovely image of an archangel, such as Michael, Gabriel or Raphael, as well as an uplifting and inspiring message about that being. With the Archangel Daily Messages calendar, you'll receive loving reminders to call upon the heavenly power of the archangels to protect and guide you - every day of the year!

Each day, you'll read an uplifting and instructional entry to help you connect with Heaven's wisdom, guidance and comforting love. Whether this calendar is intended as a gift or for yourself, the angelic energy within these pages and the gorgeous illustrations will bring joy to all!