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    Carnie Wilson

    Born the daughter of Beach Boy legend Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson has overcome a lifelong struggle with obesity to achieve personal satisfaction, professional success, and new dimensions of physical and emotional health. As a young child growing up in the fast lane, Carnie turned to food for comfort. As she grew into adulthood and achieved success with the multiplatinum pop group Wilson Phillips, her dysfunctional relationship with food led to life-threatening morbid obesity. In the summer of 1999, she made the dramatic decision to undergo state-of-the-art weight-loss surgery live over the Internet. Over the next two years, her life was transformed as she lost more than 150 pounds, married the man of her dreams, and fashioned a new future of exciting career opportunities. Carnie and her husband, Rob, are living in Los Angeles with their three dogsā€”and are looking forward to extending their family soon. Now dedicated to helping others, Carnie is a spokesperson for Spotlight Health, a group of dedicated celebrities, medical experts, and media and marketing specialists whose goal is to dramatically enhance consumer and physician awareness of vital health issues.

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