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    Heritier Lumumba

    Heritier Lumumba is a professional athlete, author, speaker, blogger, philanthropist, and advocate for equality in human rights. He has played Australia’s national sport, Australian Rules Football, at an elite level for more than nine years, and he is the only Brazilian-born player in the League. Through his passion for human rights, he has spoken at U.N. conferences, sat on government advisory boards, and traveled around the world to make a difference on a global scale.  Heritier was also an official ambassador for the Dalai Lama's visit to Australia in 2011. He is the author of It's Cool to Be Conscious, a book about finding the power to alter your perception, which gives readers techniques to discover a life with more meaning and purpose.  Heritier is on a mission to help people understand that anyone can become more conscious and reconcile their wounds of the past by connecting their mind, body, and spirit to have a future of strength, power, and an open heart.

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