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    Mastin Kipp

    Mastin Kipp is a 30-year-old entrepreneurial storyteller from Los Angeles, CA. He is the founder of (TDL), the Website, daily email and Twitter account that’s merging pop culture with inspiration. The Daily Love inspires almost 600,000 people a day. Bloggers on TDL have included Russell Simmons, Marianne Williamson, Mariel Hemingway, Mena Suvari, Kim Kardashian and Omar Epps. The Daily Love has quickly become the fastest growing inspirational Twitter account and email list on the internet. Mastin has been featured on Oprah's Lifeclass twice and The Daily Love has a content syndication deal with The Huffington Post. Mastin believes that no matter what path you walk in life inspiration and self-esteem are needed to live up to your highest potential. His goal is to bring practical and ancient wisdom to the forefront of people’s daily lives in a stylish and bite-sized way.

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