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    Susan Shie

    Susan Shie is a full-time artist who paints, draws, writes, and sews in order to create her time-capsule style of personal artwork. She teaches her unique method in workshops all over the world.
    In 1997 Susan created St. Quilta the Comforter, an icon of universal kindness based on her own mother, Marie Shie, a passionate nurse who studied natural healing. St. Quilta appears throughout The Kitchen Tarot series, which Susan began in 1998 with the Colander piece for the traditional Fool card. Each new mixed-media art quilt had its own size and proportions, and during the first year, she made only two pieces because her painting and hand sewing were so time-consuming Susan’s processes were slowly evolving over the 11 years of making the 22 major cards. She learned to use both airbrush and airpen, and slowly switched from intense hand sewing and beading to obsessive hand journaling and minimal machine sewing. These changes allowed Susan to work faster and on much larger pieces, but her unique style and imagery remained recognizably hers. She chose kitchen objects to represent traditional tarot-card symbols because the kitchen is the center of the home and family, where nurturing and healing occur. She believes that we can heal the earth, one kitchen at a time. Susan teaches adult art workshops internationally and at her home in Turtle Moon Studios. Website:

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