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    Uma Reed

    Uma Reed became fascinated with symbols while contemplating the vivid dream imagery that filled her childhood nights. This contributed to her later interest in metaphysics and spirituality, which led her to study with many spiritual teachers from Eastern and Western traditions. In 1983, responding to a request for parents' participation at a school fundraising carnival, Uma innocently created a set of simple oracle cards to be read for children at the fair. The response from children, parents, and teachers was so positive, and the guidance so powerful, that she continued to develop and refine the deck, allowing her own readings to guide her in the correct use of the cards. After creating the Magic Mirrors, Uma slowly turned away from traditional methods of working with symbols, to engage in a study of her own intuitive relationship to symbols. Listening deeply to the voice of her own inner guidance, and using the Magic Mirrors as a focusing device, she embarked on a long and vast path of self-inquiry. The insight and wisdom gained from this practice led her to the discovery that indeed, the Truth is within you. She now assists others in developing their intuition and discovering their own connection to the Divine through workshops, classes, and private Magic Mirrors consultations.

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