Baby Sign Language Basics Flash Card App by Monta Briant

    Baby Sign Language Basics Flash Card App

    by  Monta Briant

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 12/1/09

    ISBN: IT064

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    The Baby Sign Language Basics flash card app was designed with both you and your baby in mind. Let baby sign expert Monta Z. Briant teach you and your child 50 of the most essential American Sign Language (ASL) signs that will effectively allow your baby to communicate its basic needs.

    Stated on the front of each card is the word that you and your baby want to learn, depicted by a clear, brightly colored photograph to connect a concise visual association with the word. On the back of each card, Monta's easy-to-understand photos and descriptions demonstrate how the each sign is done. Look forward to bonding with your baby through the joys of learning and rid the guesswork in finding out the needs of your child.

    In addition to having a more communicative relationship with your baby, studies have shown that signing babies tend to be more expressive, have higher intelligence, and even have higher self esteem!

    Teaching your baby basic sign language before it learns to speak is a wonderful way of being interactive and attentive with your child. Use these cards as you would a picture book and enjoy learning together!

    Features of this app include:
    50 essential American Sign Language (ASL) cards
    Swipe between cards or shuffle them
    Flip cards over to view instructional messages on how the sign is done
    E-mail individual cards to help friends learns signs
    Save cards to your Photo Library and use as wallpaper
    Includes helpful learning strategies by Monta Z. Briant

    Official Hay House licensed iPhone/iPod touch App: