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Baby Sign Language Basics Flash Cards
A Deck of 50 American Sign Language (ASL) Cards
by Monta Z Briant
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Baby Sign Language Basics Flash Cards

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 4/1/07
ISBN 978-1-4019-1770-8

Product Description

This beautiful set of flash cards was designed with both you (the parents), and your baby in mind. On the front of each card, clear, brightly coloured photographs hold your baby's attention and motivate him or her to sign. On the back of each card, easy-to-understand photos and descriptions show you how the sign is done. What's most important is to have fun! The more joyful your attitude during any activity, the more your baby will find delight in it and want to do it! Talk and sign about the objects on the cards - just as you would with a picture book - as you enjoy learning together.

About the Author


Monta Briant heard about baby sign language when she was expecting her first child. She began signing with her daugter, Sirena, when she was 6 months old, and was so impressed with the results that she felt impelled to share what she and her daughter had learned with other parents and cargivers of young children. Monta teaches all the classes and workshops herself. Sirena, now 3, helps out at some classes; demonstrating signing along with songs, games and story time. Monta Briant has achieved Sign2Me™ Presenters' Network Level I Certification, an official acknowledgement of her proficiencies and high professional standards.