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Are you happy? Are your relationships flourishing? Do you love your work? Do you feel abundant? Would you like to be happier?

Join Dr. Robert Holden, one of the world’s most sought-after experts in the field of positive psychology and well-being, for a transformational journey to a more joyful and fulfilled life. This On Demand Course provides 8 lesson downloads for only $99!

“Your happiness is your GIFT to the world,” says Robert. “Happiness is the one life-goal that makes every other goal—like love, abundance, and success—more possible and more meaningful. The more you learn about TRUE happiness, the more you discover who YOU are, what you really want, and what your life is really for.”

Dr. Robert Holden is the creator of the world’s most famously tested happiness course. In addition to attracting participants from around the world, Robert’s happiness course was featured in How to Be Happy, a BBC TV documentary that has been shown in 20 countries to more than 30 million viewers. Moreover, a panel of independent scientists who measured the progress of participants on Robert’s 8-lesson course reported amazing results. Scores in every scientific happiness test rose dramatically. In fact, distinguished brain scientist Richard Davidson, director of the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior at the University of Wisconsin, concluded: “The happiness training not only changes the way you feel; it actually changes the way your brain functions.” All of Robert’s happiness course participants made breakthroughs in their lives.

Now, you too can make a real breakthrough in your life. For the first time ever, Robert is offering an 8-lesson Be Happy Online Course based on his cutting-edge principles. With his trademark insight, warmth, and humour, Robert takes you step-by-step through the proven principals and exercises that psychologists have hailed as “a genuine fast-track to happiness.” Learn what you need know to finally experience true self-acceptance, everyday abundance, loving relationships, and inner success.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn how to release the power of happiness in YOU with Dr. Robert Holden!

In each Be Happy online lesson, Robert teaches you a new piece of the happiness puzzle. Each lesson is divided into two one-hour parts. Here are the main themes:

Lesson One: The Gift of Happiness
Part 1: Defining True Happiness
Create a definition of happiness that really works for you.
Part 2: A Happy Learning Curve
Identify what your life is teaching you about happiness right now.

Lesson Two: The Happy Self
Part 1: #1 Happiness Principle
Get this principle, and you will attract more happiness instantly.
Part 2: Follow Your Joy
Give up the pursuit of happiness and start following your joy.

Lesson Three: Choosing Your Life
Part 1: Choosing Happiness
Learn how to choose happiness, instead of chasing happiness.
Part 2: Healing Unhappiness
Learn how to handle unhappiness in an honest and positive way.

Lesson Four: Joy Unlimited
Part 1: The Real More
Clarify your life-goals, and commit to what you really want.
Part 2: The Fear of Happiness
Discover how you are limiting your own happiness and success.

Lesson Five: The Heart of Happiness
Part 1: Your Family Story
Heal old family patterns and commit to living an authentic life.
Part 2: The Relationship Questionnaire
Bring more imagination, creativity, and fun to your relationships.

Lesson Six: Everyday Abundance
Part 1: The Happiness Contract
Increase your natural capacity for prosperity and success.
Part 2: The Receiving Meditation
Let yourself be so happy you almost feel guilty, but not quite!

Lesson Seven: Love and Happiness
Part 1: Love and Fear
Make love more important to you than anything else.
Part 2: The Forgiveness Principle
Give up all hope for a better past, and live happily even after.

Lesson Eight: Happiness NOW!
Part 1: Milking the Sacred Now
How to make today even more enjoyable than yesterday.
Part 2: Shift Happens!
Your life changes when you do.

This Be Happy Online Course celebrates the launch of Dr. Robert Holden’s new book, Be Happy. In the forward of Be Happy, beloved author and self-help icon Louise Hay writes about her personal experience taking Robert’s happiness course. “I thought I was a happy person and I was. Now after completing the course, I am happier on a deeper, quieter level. I also notice that I am happiest when I am being grateful. Thank you Robert.”

Louise goes on to share her vision of a world filled with more happiness. “Just think how wonderful it would be if everyone on the planet would experience their own happiness. No more wars. No more greed. No more getting even. Life would be filled with laughter, kindness, and love.”