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Become a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer!™: 12 Week Video Course with Deborah King
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Become a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer!™

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Get ready to activate your natural healing abilities!

Master Healer Deborah King will be your guide as you apprentice in the field of
Energy Medicine in this 12-session Online Certification Course.

Sit back and be transformed as Deborah shares ancient wisdom and mystical formulas
that will unlock the door to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Watch this clip and learn more about Energy Healing!


Not only will you learn powerful techniques you can use to heal yourself, you'll learn how to use your unique gifts and abilities to heal other people as one of Deborah's beloved Certified LifeForce Energy Healers™.

Deborah's Life Force Energy Healing™ is a system she developed over three decades of training and study with some of the leading minds in spirituality, intuition and energy healing. She has distilled the best of what she's learned into this course, and now she brings these powerful teachings to you!

You will receive access to Deborah's exclusive "members only" private Facebook community where you'll meet hundreds of like-minded people and be able to interact with Deborah on an even deeper level.

If you're attracted to this course, you already sense that energy healing is your birthright and it's part of who you truly are. What you learn here will help shape the direction of your whole life, the lives of everyone around you and even the whole world!

Join Deborah for this amazing online course and become the energy healer you were destined to be. 


Become a Certified LifeForce Energy Healer today!


Course Description:

Session 1: What does the pendulum say about your chakras?
Even if you’ve done a ton of personal work, you probably still have at least a couple of chakras (energy centers) that aren’t functioning optimally. The chakra system integrates mind, body, and spirit, and your emotional and physical health are directly dependent on the way your chakras are spinning. Learn how to read chakras using a pendulum and get ahead of the game!

Session 2: What is your psychophysiological body-type? What does your body-type tell you about your personality? Can your type be changed for the better?
In the next few lessons, you will learn to recognize instantly how others will respond to you by decoding their body-type. Plus, you will learn which body-types you exhibit, track them to your early life experiences, and begin to transform them. Keep in mind, these body-types are "who you are not",” and with your new self-awareness, they can be changed. And once you are in the know about other people's body-types, no more unpleasant confrontations with that difficult partner, relative, landlord, or boss!

This session, you’ll master the first body-type. These are the folks, who, when the going gets tough, leave their body, or maybe even leave the planet! You’ll learn which traumatic early life events triggered this disorder, and how this type (and it could be you!) can become more grounded, safe, and present.

Session 3: Is there never enough? Is this all there is?
Ever met someone so needy that they make other people want to run for the hills? We’ve all encountered this second and least popular body-type! Learn how to pick them out of a crowd and, more importantly, understand what makes them tick. As an energy healer, you can help friends and family who have this pattern recover from the trauma of their past and stand on their own two feet.

Session 4: What do Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have in common? Are you or your friend or loved one “one of them?”
Know someone like these two celebrities, someone who launches a no-holds-barred attack at the slightest provocation? This is the “kill or be killed” guy or gal, who can be easily disarmed if you know how. Learn the secret to identifying and taming this third type! Even better, learn to spot evidence of this body-type in your own body and you’ll be able to move into self-mastery!

Session 5: Do you bottle it all up inside?
This fourth body-type is tricky to recognize and reluctant to open up. They’re a powder keg of repressed emotion and pain. Learn Deborah’s technique for helping this type clear out the darkness they’ve been pushing down for years and move on!

Session 6: Are you afraid to be “real?”
In today’s culture, appearance matters. Hollywood is full of flawlessly “turned out” people, but at what price? Often these beautiful people are masking reality. Learn how to uncover this fifth and final body-type, and help them (or you) get in touch with their authentic self. Now’s the time to be real!

Session 7: What is Energy Healing?
 In this week’s lesson, you’ll learn how energy medicine goes beyond the body to factor in the psychological and spiritual dimensions. Learn how you can use your body, your energy field, and the universal energy field (or Spirit) to effect physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being for yourself and others. Now we’re getting serious about real healings!

Session 8: What shamanic technique gets your power back?
The toxic residue of past relationships can prevent you from experiencing success, love, abundance, even happiness. Let Deborah guide you through an amazing shamanic technique that brings back the power you left at the scene of stressful encounters. Get your power back!

Session 9: How can you learn to sense and manipulate energy?
 In this fun week, Deborah teaches you to experience the levels of the energy field and how to move from level to level. It won’t be long before you know how to move on the inner planes like a pro!

Session 10: How safe and secure are you really?
Are you grounded and safe? If your first chakra is out of balance from moving, surgery, accident, shock, natural disaster, or other trauma, you may be disconnected from the earth and at risk for further calamities. In this session, Deborah shares simple ways to rebuild your base chakra. Be safe now!

Session 11: Are you dealing with weight issues? Addictive behavior? Are you broke, do you have a “hole in your bucket?”
If your second chakra is out of whack, you may experience problems with weight or addictions or money. In this week’s lesson you’ll learn how to spot and repair a distorted second chakra and open the door to a leaner you, one without addictions, and prosperous to boot!

Session 12: Practice advanced hands-on healing with Deborah as your guide!
Master healer Deborah King guides you every step of the way as she teaches you her profound healing techniques in this final session. You’ll learn how to charge, clear, and balance chakras and the entire human energy field with this powerful method of energy healing. And with your newly acquired Certification as a LifeForce Energy Healer, you’ll be ready for a whole new career!

During this 12-session course you will:

  • Learn to use a pendulum to read chakras
  • Master the secrets to instantly decoding personality by reading body-types
  • Study a shamanic technique to regain the power you left at the scene
  • Practice exercises that connect you to the earth through your base chakra
  • Experience the various levels of the energy field; learn to manipulate energy
  • Understand how your second chakra holds the key to self-mastery and $$$
  • Step up to the next level with Deborah’s advanced healing techniques

This course is PACKED with instructional materials and exciting FREE bonuses:

  • 12 teaching videos with Master Healer Deborah King – so personal you’ll feel like you’re in the same room with her.
  • 12 beautifully-illustrated PDF workbooks for your healing library, chock full of esoteric teachings, questions to cement your understanding of the material, and fun experiential exercises to further activate your personal healing.
  • Monthly calls with Deborah during which she shares even more secrets of the ancients, conducts healing energy and answers your personal questions live.
  • Participation in the course’s exclusive “member’s only” private online Facebook community, where you’ll chat with Deborah and make friends with other like-minded seekers.
  • BONUS: An mp3 guided meditation to the 8th chakra and higher, just for those on the course
  • BONUS: A PDF that outlines how to set up your own successful healing practice
  • BONUS: Access to Deborah’s Hay House World Summit 2013 Interview

Certification Information:
Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a downloadable  LifeForce Energy Healing Certificate of Completion by the Deborah King Center. You will also receive a special LifeForce Energy Healing Icon for your website to let visitors know that you are certified in these powerful techniques.

Learn at your own pace!
Each session will remain available in your customer account, so you can still take the course no matter what your schedule. Learn at your own pace, from the convenience of your own home!

(Please note that all online course purchases are non-refundable.)

More About Deborah King!

Deborah KingDeborah King IS Energy Healing! With an advanced degree in Energy Medicine, Deborah has developed her powerful healing gifts through decades of global study; she is hailed as the premiere Master Healer. A New York Times best-selling Master healer and spiritual teacher Deborah King was a successful attorney in her twenties when she was diagnosed with cancer and began a quest for health that would radically change her life. Her amazing remission at the hands of a healer led her to leave the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, where she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own. Deborah has guided tens of thousands of people to heal themselves and how to heal others. Her New York Times best-selling Be Your Own Shaman and Truth Heals takes you on one-of-a-kind journeys into the powerful esoteric world of healers, sages, and shamans. Her newest book, Entangled in Darkness: Seeking the Light, is a startling trip into the maze of the psyche and an enlightened path out. Featured regularly in the media, W magazine calls Deborah's work "electrifying."


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