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1.   Deep Meditation For Healing   by Anita Moorjani Format: Audio Downloads
This audio was inspired by what Anita experienced during her own journey to healing, and was specially created to assist those who are currently going through physical challenges of their own. It contains a highly specialized program that uses sound at different frequencies to guide you to a state of very deep and meditative relaxation.

List Price: $15.00 $5.00 (Save 67%)

2.   Conversations with History   by Susan Lander Format: Paperback
These famous spirits open up to share the lessons they've learned since their passing in order to help us live our lives better-lessons in abundance and prosperity, love and relationships, creativity and art, personal responsibility for the world around us, and the legacy we will leave for future generations. In every interview, there are simple but powerful lessons that readers can use to improve their lives every day.

List Price: $16.95 $15.26 (Save 10%)

3.   Awakening Your Psychic Strengths   by John Holland Format: Audio Downloads
In addition to the basic principles of connecting with Spirit, you'll learn what it really means to be psychic, which ability is your strength, all about chakras and their roles, how to interpret auras, psychic etiquette, and much more!

List Price: $23.95 $10.00 (Save 58%)

4.   Make Peace With Your Plate   by Jessica Ainsough Format: Paperback

In Make Peace With Your Plate, Jess shares her journey from party-girl and cancer patient to healthy lifestyle ambassador.

List Price: $16.95 $15.26 (Save 10%)

5.   The Power of No   by James Altucher, Claudia Azula Altucher Format: Audio Downloads
As a species, this is where we find ourselves now and many of us are trying very hard to use the power of no at this higher level. To clearly see what intelligent compassion is. To open our hearts and bring healing to the world. The power of no is a force that allows us to truly surrender to a higher power and be the unique people we were meant to be. And in The Power of No, James and Claudia will help guide you to this place by relating the stories they've heard and the things they've experienced. Their goal is to bring this little word out into the world to shine its power and its light on all of us.

List Price: $24.95 $10.00 (Save 60%)

6.   The Power of No   by James Altucher, Claudia Azula Altucher Format: Paperback
How many times have you heard yourself saying yes to the wrong things-overwhelming requests, bad relationships, time-consuming obligations? How often have you wished you could summon the power to turn them down? This lively, practical guide helps you take back that power-and shows that a well-placed "No" can not only save you time and trouble, it can save your life.

List Price: $14.95 $13.46 (Save 10%)

7.   Beyond Past Lives   by Mira Kelley Format: Hardcover
The stories contained in these pages will help you understand how to heal your body, mind, and spirit as you learn about the nature of time, karma, destiny, and free will-as well as how each choice creates a new reality.

List Price: $25.95 $23.36 (Save 10%)

8.   I Can See Clearly Now   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Audio Downloads
As a reader, you will feel as if you are right there with Wayne, perusing his personal photo album and hearing about his family, his time in the service, how he writes his best-selling books, and so much more. In the process, you'll be inspired to look back at your own life to see how everything you have experienced has led you to where you are right now.

List Price: $39.95 $15.00 (Save 62%)

9.   Heal Yourself   by Lissa Rankin, M.D. Format: DVDs
In this program, Dr. Rankin presents a ground breaking synthesis of what she has learned, laying out the science that proves that thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can alter the body's physiology.

List Price: $19.95 $17.96 (Save 10%)

10.    Venus   by Diana Cooper Format: Paperback
Venus is psychic, sensitive and ruthlessly honest. Her diary is rich with vivid characters, whose stories she shares.

List Price: $17.95 $16.16 (Save 10%)