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1.   DAILY DEAL: You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition   by Louise Hay Format: Paperback
Louise’s key message in this powerful work is: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life! Packed with powerful information and beautiful four-color illustrations—you'll love this gem of a book!

List Price: $17.95 $15.00 (Save 16%)

2.   Visualization for Weight Loss   by Jon Gabriel Format: Paperback
This powerful technique helped Jon drop 220 pounds without dieting or deprivation because it didn't depend on calorie counting or extreme exercise-rather it changed his biochemistry and neural pathways. In turn, this helped lower stress and its associated inflammatory chemicals in his body, allowing him to lose weight easily and naturally.

List Price: $16.99 $15.29 (Save 10%)

3.   Power Thoughts   by Louise Hay Format: Paperback
By reading these affirmations—one a day, several at a time, or just by opening the book at random—you’re taking the first step toward building a more rewarding life.

List Price: $9.95 $5.00 (Save 50%)

4.   Co-creating at Its Best   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Esther Hicks Format: Hardcover
What happens when you bring together one of the most inspirational spiritual teachers of all time and the Master Sages of the Universe? A magical, insightful, invigorating encounter you will never forget!

List Price: $14.99 $9.00 (Save 40%)

5.   Empowerment Cards: A-50 Card Deck   by Tavis Smiley Format: Card Decks
Talk-show host and author Tavis Smiley pours his passion for promoting positive change into these 50 personal-empowerment cards. Tavis’s firsthand testimonies and words of wisdom will help you make critical decisions, allowing you to enhance both your own life and the lives of those in your community. As Tavis says, “Keep the faith!”

List Price: $15.95 $1.00 (Save 94%)

6.   I Can Do It 2015 Calendar   by Louise Hay Format: Calendar
This year will be different from any other year we have lived. Our knowledge and understanding will grow and deepen in new ways. Our capacity for compassion will expand. Our ability to give and receive love will make daily living feel like heaven on earth. And Louise Hay's I Can Do It Calendar will set the tone for the joyful days ahead!

List Price: $16.95 $8.00 (Save 53%)

7.   You Can Trust Your Life   by Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson Format: DVD
On this remarkable DVD set, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson share spiritual tools you can use to create a life that honours your soul. You will learn how to:

· Refocus your thinking throughout the day so you are able to manifest positive life experiences.
· Employ new daily rituals that promote self-love and self-acceptance.
· Heal your relationship with yourself and others by using the power of forgiveness.
· Quiet the inner critic that scares you and keeps you stuck.
· Create powerful affirmations that realign your thinking so you can enjoy a good life.
· Work with affirmations on a daily basis to make important life changes.
· Get back on track when you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings.

As you use this programme, you'll marvel at the way you're developing a gentle, more loving relationship with yourself - a relationship that will reward you with the life of your dreams!

List Price: $49.95 $20.00 (Save 60%)

8.   The Motivation Manifesto   by Brendon Burchard Format: Hardcover
Brendon Burchard reveals that the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of greater Personal Freedom. We desire the grand liberties of choice - time freedom, emotional freedom, social freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom.

List Price: $19.99 $17.99 (Save 10%)

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9.   Love Notes   by Jim Brickman Format: Hardcover with CD
This book has a simple purpose - to reveal true stories of everyday people (and several famous ones) who have lived lives full of courage, adventure, challenge, and bravery.

List Price: $17.95 $1.00 (Save 94%)