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1.   All-Day Energy Diet   by Yuri Elkaim Format: Hardcover
The All-Day Energy Diet helps busy, everyday people enjoy more energy, improve their health, and lose weight by restoring their bodies' optimal vitality.

List Price: $25.95 $23.36 (Save 10%)

2.   Momentum   by Esther Hicks Format: DVD
Esther Hicks presents 5 1/2 hours of highlight material from the 15-day cruise with the multi-dimensional consciousness Abraham. As Abraham says, "This is the turning point. The time that you've pushed the reset button. The time that you came to understand fully who you are and why you are here."

List Price: $29.95 $26.96 (Save 10%)

3.   Plant Plus Diet Solution   by Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D. Format: Hardcover
She cuts through the thicket of confusing-and often downright wrong-advice on nutrition and gives you easy-to-digest, bite-sized servings of real scientific information so that you can discover which foods your body needs to heal and thrive.

List Price: $25.95 $23.36 (Save 10%)

4.   Money, and the Law of Attraction   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Audio Downloads
This Audio Program will shine a spotlight on each of the most significant aspects of your life experience and then guide you to the conscious creative control of every aspect of your life, and also goes right to the heart of what most of you are probably troubled by: money and physical health.

List Price: $39.95 $7.00 (Save 82%)

5.   Walking Home   by Sonia Choquette Format: Hardcover
In this riveting book, Sonia shares the intimate details of her grueling experience, as well as the unexpected moments of grace, humor, beauty, and companionship that supported her through her darkest hours. While her journey is unique, the lessons she learned-about honoring your relationships with others as well as with your own higher self, and forgiving all else-are universal.

List Price: $26.95 $24.26 (Save 10%)

6.   Health, and the Law of Attraction Cards   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Card Deck
“Every part of your life is experienced through the perspective of your physical body, and when you feel good, everything you see looks better. And so, there are few things of greater value than the achievement of health and physical well-being.

List Price: $15.95 $14.36 (Save 10%)

7.   Laying New Pipes   by Esther Hicks Format: DVDs
Cancún was the first-ever Abraham-Hicks “land cruise”—an experiment in fun that far exceeded expectations. Cancún is also where Abraham introduced the brand-new analogy of “clogged pipes” as representing old, recurring life issues.

List Price: $29.95 $26.96 (Save 10%)

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8.   I Can Do It 2015 Calendar   by Louise Hay Format: Calendars
This beautiful calendar (with Louise's Blessing Buddha painting gracing the cover) offers you 365 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you focus on that I can do it attitude that will make this a wonderful year indeed!

List Price: $16.95 $15.26 (Save 10%)

9.   The Vortex   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Hardcover with CD
This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present The Teachings of Abraham®, will help you understand every relationship you are currently involved in as well as every relationship you have ever experienced.

List Price: $24.95 $5.24 (Save 79%)

10.   Ask and It Is Given   by Esther and Jerry Hicks Format: Calendar
This perpetual flip calendar will help you learn how to manifest your desires so that you're living the joyouse and fulfilling life you deserve.

List Price: $14.95 $13.46 (Save 10%)