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    1.   The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls   by Christine Wheeler Format: Paperback
    In The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls, expert EFT practitioner Christine Wheeler explains the basics of the technique (it actually involves tapping, with your fingers, on energy points on your own body, and you can do it anywhere, anytime).

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    2.   Notes from the Universe on Abundance   by Mike Dooley Format: Card Deck
    The 60 cards in this beautifully illustrated deck give Mike Dooley’s fans a new way to experience his signature Notes from the Universe, quirky, funny messages that remind readers to love their lives and trust their dreams.

    List Price: $16.99 $15.29 (Save 10%)

    3.   Who Is Asking "Who Am I?"   by Deepak Chopra, M.D. , Eckhart Tolle Format: DVDs
    Join this unprecedented meeting of the minds and deepen your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection and the formless presence of consciousness itself in ways achievable only through the guidance of such esteemed teachers.

    List Price: $19.99 $17.99 (Save 10%)

    4.   The Courage to be Creative   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio Downloads
    Filled with practical advice, scientific research on the creative process, and real-life stories, The Courage to Be Creative is a mainstream book with an inspirational flavor.

    List Price: $24.99 $12.50 (Save 50%)

    5.   Living An Inspired Life   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: eBooks
    As you read each chapter in this book, you’ll find specific suggestions for living “in-Spirit.” From a very personal viewpoint, Dr. Dyer offers a blueprint through the world of inspiration—your ultimate calling.

    List Price: $15.99 $1.99 (Save 88%)

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    6.   The Archangel Guide to Ascension   by Diana Cooper , Tim Whild Format: Audio Downloads
    Since 2012, the energy on our planet has changed considerably, with much more high-frequency energy coming in. The Archangels wish to help you to ascend your frequency to the fifth dimension and beyond...

    List Price: $22.99 $11.50 (Save 50%)

    7.   Accidentally Overweight   by Dr Libby Weaver Format: eBooks
    At the end of the day, if it was truly as simple as the calorie equation, everyone would be trim, taut and terrific and there'd be no health consequences because of excess body weight. This is not just another diet book - it is a life-changing way of understanding your body and health.

    List Price: $14.99 $3.99 (Save 73%)

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    8.   #HigherSelfie   by Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood Format: eBooks
    Life coaches Jo Westwood and Lucy Sheridan touch upon timeless topics such as forgiveness, surrender and the ego, as well as subjects specific to the current age, such as using social media in a healthy way, finding a like-minded tribe, and following your own spiritual and life paths without comparing yourself to others.

    List Price: $15.99 $3.99 (Save 75%)

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    9.   The Space Within   by Michael Neill Format: Paperback
    Every problem we have in life is the result of losing our bearings and getting caught up in the content of our own thinking; the solution to every one of those problems is to find our way back home.This is both the invitation and the promise of this book.

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    10.   The Allergy Solution   by Leo Galland, M.D. , Jonathan Galland, J.D. Format: Hardcover

    The Allergy Solution takes an in-depth look at how we can balance immunity through nutrition and lifestyle to reverse allergies without drugs. It offers an easy nutritional programme, starting with a Three-Day Power Wash designed to 'clear the tracks', to help us take back control. If you suffer from asthma, eczema or sinusitis, if you're sick of pain, fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, depression, anxiety or wondering what is behind your mysterious symptoms, then let Dr Galland's clinical experience and unique insights into cutting-edge science guide you back to health.

    List Price: $25.99 $23.39 (Save 10%)