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Have you ever noticed that people seek you out for advice?
Do you feel the presence of your intuition and want to use it more freely?
Do you wish you could follow a more spiritual path in your career?
Then this seminar is for you!

People are longing for help and guidance, and you have a great deal to offer! So it's time to take your intentions to the next level.

This seminar will give you the information you need to help you recognize your hidden abilities and strengthen the gifts you already have—and assist you in bringing them to the world!

AND if you're looking to start or expand a practice in healing, intuition, mediumship or coaching, this seminar will help you make it a success. You'll learn everything from how to handle emotional sessions to how to publicize and market yourself.

Discover how you can realize your life purpose, express yourself with wisdom and compassion, and develop a specialty that fills an important need in your community.

Even if you've never thought of pursuing spiritual or coaching practices as a career, this seminar may put you on the path you've been looking for!

As a special treat, Sandra's special guests will join in the discussion and share valuable information you don't want to miss: celebrated psychic medium, Lisa Williams and best-selling author Sharon Anne Klingler.

This one-of-a-kind online seminar also includes:

  • Identifying the spiritual practice that resonates with you most, and making it your own
  • The art of active listening
  • How to use oracle card decks in your coaching sessions
  • The 3 necessary elements to a successful session, whether they be for healing, intuition, or coaching
  • How to discover your passion and your potential audience
  • How to network and create group connections
  • Plans for growth, specialty, and diversity
  • Specific guidelines and techniques for personal and professional success

Join Sandra for inspiring and informative ideas that will help make your practice--whatever it may be--a greater success for you and an indispensable service for your clients. Invest in your own dream and make it a reality!

This course provides immediate access upon purchase. (Please note: All Online Event purchases are non-refundable.)

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Sandra Anne Taylor Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success, Truth, Triumph and Transformation, and Secrets of Attraction. Sandra is known for her inspiring processes and life changing techniques incorporating consciousness, karma, and energy in personal transformation. The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives is her most recent of six titles available in 26 languages across the globe.

You can listen to Sandra Anne every week on www.HayHouseRadio.com®.

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