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Born To Be Together
by Terry Lamb
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Born To Be Together

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Publisher Hay House
Publication Date October 1998
ISBN 1-56170-471-7

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Astrologer Terry Lamb introduces readers to the symbols of astrology and teaches readers how to apply them to their natures and those of their partners. She shows how astrology can help one experience a relationship more fully, providing people with a personal road map.

About the Author


Terry Lamb is a nationally known astrologer, writer, speaker, and instructor who has been in private practice since 1980. After acquiring a master of arts in linguistics in 1976 at the University of California, San Diego, she realized that she was really looking for a language of consciousness: astrology. Since then, she has integrated astrology with her other pursuits: holistic health, energetic healing, psychology, child development, and spiritual studies. Known for her clarity, depth, and practical approach, she has helped hundreds of students and clients open to their full potential by blending all levels of consciousness, from the spiritual to the physical. Her other services include public speaking, counseling, energetic healing, an informational website (, and the Astrological Certification Program, where students can learn astrology in depth, either in the classroom or via home study.