Business Alchemist by Pilar Godino

    Business Alchemist

    A Road Map to Authentic and Inspirational Leadership

    by  Pilar Godino

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    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 3/27/13

    ISBN: 9781781801017

    Are you an inspiring boss? Do you want to transform your leadership style? See how to increase your impact and influence within your business? Succeed in creating openness and the right chemistry in your daily interactions?

    In this book, top leadership coach Pilar Godino shares her insights, real stories and tips gleaned from extensive experience working with top business professionals. She shows the pathway to the platform of authentic and inspiring leadership, the platform of the Business Alchemist.

    Learn how to:

    • Strengthen your personal impact and influence
    • Create an organizational structure and safe environment that people want to be part of
    • Increase your awareness of your management style and daily interaction patterns so that you can achieve more with less
    • Move into a space of true inspiration where you can become the leader you aspire to be
    • Develop an efficient communication style and give feedback effectively.

    Pressed to write this book by her many fans, Pilar delivers with insight and humour road maps and methods for taking yourself, your people and your success to another level.
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