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    Caroline Myss 2014 Tour

    by Caroline Myss

    Date: 9/20/14 - 10/26/14 Sponsored by: Hay House Location: USA Tour

    Visionary author and intuitive,Caroline Myss
    invites you to create profound and lasting healings in your life.

    Caroline Myss 2014 Tour by Caroline Myss

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    The journey that is life is a weave of a given set of experiences that continually repeat themselves all of our lives. Like the inevitability of birth, death, loss and replenishment, the fabric of life itself is governed by a given structure of archetypal experiences that influence each of us. Though these experiences express themselves uniquely within the context of our individual lives, every person inevitably confronts the archetypal experience of death and rebirth, for example, and lives through the myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    Every person journeys through the Dark Night of the Soul, and every person at some point enters the hollow passage of the "lost and found," discovering in the process that what appears to be "lost" or taken from one's life is truly making room for something of far greater significance. Caroline Myss explores these seven soul passages, with instruction on how to engage with the experience once you recognize that you are in the midst of an archetypal passageway. These archetypal journeys are the experiences that ultimately make or break the quality of your life. Learning to recognize that you are in the midst of a profound journey of inner transformation and not just a life crisis holds the potential of changing the quality and direction of your life.