Putting the Excuses Begone! Paradigm Into Action to Work in Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Putting the Excuses Begone! Paradigm Into Action to Work in Your Life

    by  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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    Isn’t it time to finally change the lifelong, self-defeating patterns that prevent you from living the life of your dreams?

    Let Dr. Wayne Dyer show you how to put his groundbreaking Excuses Begone! paradigm into action so you can dramatically transform your life. In this transformational on demand lecture, Dr. Dyer teaches you exactly how to break the thinking patterns you’ve had since childhood and eliminate the tired excuses that are holding you back. He introduces you to his seven powerful questions so you can successfully use the paradigm on your own anytime you feel stuck and frustrated.

    With Dr. Dyer’s wise guidance, you’ll learn:

    • What to ask yourself when you feel stuck.
    • How and why your mind selects untrue thoughts to guide you.
    • The importance of understanding the origins of your self-defeating habits so you can banish them for good.
    • How to break free of your hidden pay-off of staying stuck in old beliefs.
    • How to use your imagination to envision a future free of old patterns.
    • The necessity of creating a rational reason to change.
    • How to access universal cooperation and align with Source.
    • The nine ways to reinforce your new way of being.

    While it’s often been said that old habits die hard, it doesn’t have to be that way. You truly do have the power to make dramatic changes with Dr. Dyer’s Excuses Begone! paradigm. Join him to learn how to reverse the patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. No excuses!