Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

    Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

    by  Doreen Virtue

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 8/1/04

    ISBN: 9781401903015

    The powerful, wise, and loving goddesses want to help you to realize your full potential! The 44 goddess cards in this deck will help answer your questions and give you guidance about personal and spiritual growth. The goddesses are from Celtic, Egyptian, African, Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, and other cultures, and they work beautifully with your angels and fit in with any spiritual path.

    With the gorgeous artwork and enclosed guidebook, you'll get to know these goddesses intimately. You'll form relationships with Quan Yin, Green Tara, Lakshmi, and other benevolent deities; and you'll find out whom to call upon for specific issues. Doreen Virtue has created this easy-to-use deck to help you give accurate readings for yourself and others.
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    By Julia on Sep 27, 2016

    These are beautifully done cards, great meanings behind them, the book of reference is helpful, although the cards really do speak themselves. I really enjoy this deck.

    By alyssa on Sep 24, 2016

    This was the first deck of oracle cards I bought. I bought them in a spa bookstore because I was so drawn to them even though it was a sealed box! In fact, I've been using them for nearly 10 years now and I still love them! I am pretty particular about how I keep them stored and where I use them, treating them like a sacred tool. The deck is filled with strong positive female images of goddesses that convey the messages needed most. Whether in times of confusion or for daily inspiration, ask for insight and you shall receive! I love that Doreen's decks carry no negative messages or reverse meanings...I had a deck of tarot cards for years that I finally donated because I never wanted to see or use them. I don't need anymore fear in my life, thank you. Anyway, buy this Goddess deck and you won't be disappointed, you'll be empowered.