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    Hay House has 20 item(s) in Audio CDs by the author Doreen Virtue.
    11.   Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children   by Doreen Virtue Format: 2-CD Set
    On this two-CD set recorded live, Doreen Virtue discusses the characteristics of the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow generations of children.

    List Price: $17.95 $16.16 (Save 10%)

    12.   The Romance Angels   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CD
    Learn How to Work with the Angels to Manifest Great Love! Meet the romance angels, a segment of the angelic realm that specializes in helping you manifest a healthy and romantic love life.

    List Price: $10.95 $9.86 (Save 10%)

    13.   Connecting With Your Angels   by Doreen Virtue Format: 6-CD Set
    Learn How to See, Talk, and Work with the Angelic Realm!

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    14.   Messages From Your Angels   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CD
    What Your Angels Want You to Know! The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that will help you discover your life’s purpose, understand your romantic relationships, heal from emotional pain, and make crucial life decisions.

    List Price: $18.95 $17.06 (Save 10%)

    15.   Karma Releasing   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CD
    On this audio CD, Dr. Virtue discusses methods to release the effects of trauma.

    List Price: $10.95 $9.86 (Save 10%)

    16.   Manifesting With The Angels   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CD
    Allow heaven to help you while you fulfill your life’s purpose! This powerful meditation guides you through a “progression” (similar to a regression, except that you see your future instead of your past). Dr. Virtue explains how your life's purpose is fulfilled in your highest reality, and shows how the angels seek to support you while you manifest your mission. In addition, she takes you through the steps of purposeful manifestation, and discusses four common pitfalls that can block manifestations and how to avoid them.

    List Price: $10.95 $9.86 (Save 10%)

    17.   Chakra Clearing   by Doreen Virtue Format: Audio CD
    On this meditative compact disc, Doreen Virtue, a metaphysical healer who works with the angelic realm, guides you through spirit releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your energy chakra centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power.

    List Price: $10.95 $9.86 (Save 10%)

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