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    1.   Life Loves You   by Louise Hay , Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads

    Louise Hay has been an inspiration to millions since her best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life was published, and in this new book-a joint project between Louise and Robert Holden, best-selling author of Shift Happens! and Loveability-readers will delve into the power of one of Louise's most loved affirmations: Life Loves You.

    List Price: $24.99 $12.50 (Save 50%)

    2.   Loveability   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    "We all get busy, chasing our career, paying the mortgage, doing the school run. It's hard not to get distracted and lost in the daily blur of our lives. Life can be a full-time preoccupation. But when we come to our senses, which we inevitably do, we know that love is our greatest happiness and also the real work of our lives. In short, life is all about love, and even when it isn't, it still is really," states Robert Holden in Loveability.

    List Price: $24.95 $12.48 (Save 50%)

    3.   Follow Your Joy   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    In this inspiring and entertaining live talk, Dr. Robert Holden calls on you to follow your joy. "People who follow their joy experience the fullness of their being," says Robert. "They discover a depth of creativity and talent that inspires us. They are the renaissance workers who make our world a more beautiful place."

    List Price: $10.95 $5.48 (Save 50%)

    4.   Shift Happens   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    Shift Happens! is about more-more happiness, more success, more love, more peace, more prosperity, and more joy.

    List Price: $29.95 $14.98 (Save 50%)

    5.   Be Happy!   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    Be Happy! is the follow-up to Robert Holden's best-selling Happiness NOW! In this audio download, Robert gives you a front-row seat on his 8-week happiness program-famously tested by independent scientists for the BBC-TV documentary called How to Be Happy. Step-by-step he introduces you to a set of proven techniques, principles, meditations, and insights that will help you be happy now!

    List Price: $34.95 $17.48 (Save 50%)

    6.   Success Intelligence   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    Success Intelligence examines how to enjoy real, soulful success while living in a manic, busy, and hyped-up world. This landmark book is an invaluable guide to genuine success and happiness.

    List Price: $34.95 $17.48 (Save 50%)

    7.   Happiness Now!   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: Audio Downloads
    Happiness NOW! is a truly powerful and radical exploration of one of life’s most treasured goals. Packed with rich insights and practical wisdom, It offers a message of profound hope and healing for a generation that is often too busy chasing happiness to be truly happy.

    List Price: $39.95 $19.98 (Save 50%)