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    1.   Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes   by Doreen Virtue Format: Card Decks
    Topics range across real-life challenges such as aging, shifting careers, relationship transitions, moving, lifestyle alterations, and more. This deck can be used in conjunction with Doreen’s other cards for those occasions when your reading needs to specifically focus upon change.

    List Price: $15.99 $8.00 (Save 50%)

    2.   Loving Words from Jesus   by Doreen Virtue Format: Card Decks
    Whatever your relationship with Jesus is like, you’re sure to find these cards comforting and filled with love.

    List Price: $15.99 $10.00 (Save 37%)

    3.   Archangel Gabriel Cards   by Doreen Virtue Format: Card Decks
    In this beautiful 44-card oracle deck by Doreen Virtue, you'll receive nurturing, encouraging, and supportive messages related to your creative and teaching work, as well as your work with children

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    4.   Fairy Tarot Cards   by Doreen Virtue , Radleigh Valentine Format: Card Decks
    Fairy Tarot Cards makes a perfect companion to the best-selling Angel Tarot™ Cards. (In fact, you can mix the two decks for even more accurate and detailed readings!)

    List Price: $19.99 $17.99 (Save 10%)

    5.   Angel Answers Oracle Cards   by Doreen Virtue , Radleigh Valentine Format: Card Decks
    Sometimes you need a simple and to-the-point answer to your questions, such as 'Is it "Yes" or "No"?' and 'When will I get that job... meet my soul mate... move to a better location?' and so on. Angel Answers Oracle Cards offer you trustworthy guidance when a short-but-sweet response is required.

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    6.   Past Life Oracle Cards   by Doreen Virtue , Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Format: Card Decks
    Your eternal soul has lived other lifetimes that affect your current career, health, relationships, family and life lessons. Doreen Virtue and Dr Brian Weiss have teamed up to create an easy-to-use, safe and gentle tool to uncover messages from and about your past lives.

    List Price: $15.95 $14.36 (Save 10%)

    7.   Guardian Angel Tarot™ Cards   by Doreen Virtue , Radleigh Valentine Format: Card Decks
    The World's Gentlest and Sweetest Tarot Cards
    After the successful launch of their bestselling Angel Tarot™ Cards, Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine knew that some people were still wary of tarot. So they created this 78-card deck and accompanying guidebook for highly sensitive people who desire the accurate and detailed answers of tarot cards, along with gentle words and images.

    List Price: $19.95 $17.96 (Save 10%)

    8.   Cherub Angel Cards for Children   by Doreen Virtue Format: Card Decks
    With their pure and open hearts and minds, children can effortlessly connect with their guardian angels. Each of the 44 cards in this unique deck is easy to read and is a tiny size that fits in young hands. The accompanying full-size guidebook, designed especially for little ones, provides a safe, non-denominational and positive way for you and your children to discuss how God's angels protect and guide us all. You can do card readings together and grow even closer on your spiritual path. Doreen Virtue has made sure that the messages and delightful images are all age-appropriate and relevant to children's concerns and daily life.

    This deck represents the first time Doreen has produced one of well-loved card decks specifically for children. Her adult readers will know the warmth, enlightenment and beauty of Doreen's imagery and messages and this deck will resonate with young minds as they discover their angelic nature.

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    9.   Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards   by Doreen Virtue , James Van Praagh Format: Card Deck
    Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh have drawn upon their combined years of spiritual counseling work to bring you a healing tool to create clear conversations with heaven. Your loved ones in heaven want to talk with you, and share their love and reassurance to help heal your grief.

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    10.   Archangel Power Tarot Cards   by Doreen Virtue , Radleigh Valentine Format: Card Decks
    You'll feel driven to move forward with positive life changes, with the help of the archangels who guide you in the Archangel Power Tarot Cards. It's not enough to receive answers - you also need courage, motivation and empowerment to take steps based on those answers. Now you can receive accurate guidance in a gentle way and get the confidence to act upon it! Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine created this 78-card deck for highly sensitive people who need encouragement to put their Divine messages into action. These cards retain the magic of traditional tarot, with beautiful and inspiring words and imagery. The accompanying guidebook gives you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct trustworthy tarot readings for yourself and others.

    List Price: $19.99 $17.99 (Save 10%)

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