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    Hay House has 7 item(s) in Audio CDs by the author Gregg Braden.
    1.   Turning Point   by Gregg Braden Format: 8-CD Set

    There's a time when every crisis can become transformation; when simply surviving can become joyous thriving. In our lives that time is The Turning Point. In our world that time is now!

    List Price: $39.95 $35.96 (Save 10%)

    2.   Fractal Time   by Gregg Braden Format: Audio CDs
    Ancient traditions viewed 'time' as the great ripples of a galactic wave that ebb and flow as they travel throughout the universe. Late 20th century discoveries revealed that even the most complex things in nature are really simple patterns - fractals - that repeat themselves in predictable ways.

    Applying the new 'laws' of fractals to the ancient waves of time, visionary scientist and bestselling author Gregg Braden proposes that everything, from the way we age to the wars between nations, are simply the returning waves of our past, with each one carrying a more powerful, amplified version of itself. Discover the great secret of our moment in history, and what we can expect as the 5000-year-cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar ends in 2012.

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    3.   The Spontaneous Healing of Belief   by Gregg Braden Format: Audio CDs
    What if the beliefs you have about yourself and the world are wrong? How differently would you live if you discovered that you possess the power to choose the way you deal with longevity, health, and even life itself? Such a radical discovery would change everything about the way you see yourself!

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    4.   The Divine Matrix   by Gregg Braden Format: Audio CDs
    Between 1993 and 2000, a series of groundbreaking experiments revealed dramatic evidence of a web of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world-the Divine Matrix.

    From the healing of our bodies, to the success of our careers, relationships, and the peace between nations, this new evidence demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation.

    What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How differently would you live if you knew how to use this power each day of your life? Join Gregg Braden on this extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles through the language of The Divine Matrix.

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    5.   Speaking the Lost Language of God   by Gregg Braden Format: 4-CD Set
    In this illuminating program, visionary and scientist Gregg Braden takes you on a journey of exploration, discovery, mystery, and insight that leads you to the wisdom of the ancients and an understanding that the most powerful force in the universe resides within you now.

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    6.   Unleashing the Power of the God Code   by Gregg Braden Format: 4-CD Set
    Imagine the possibilities if we discovered the power to change our lives—and our world— within the cells of our own bodies!

    List Price: $23.95 $21.56 (Save 10%)

    7.   The Divine Name: Sounds of the God Code   by Gregg Braden , Jonathan Goldman Format: Audio CDs
    Experience the power, mystery, and healing of The Divine Name, re-created through the sounds that unite, rather than the letters that divide!

    List Price: $15.00 $13.50 (Save 10%)