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1.   Speak, Write, Promote: Become A Mover & Shaker – Chicago   by Cheryl Richardson, Reid Tracy
Led by Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy(President & CEO of Hay House Publishing), this exciting weekend is designed to give you a framework that will birth a successful public career. The program includes lectures, interactive exercises, and live coaching where Cheryl and Reid will work with individuals to demonstrate key points.
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2.   Cheryl Richardson 2014 Tour   by Cheryl Richardson
Join Cheryl for a variety of exciting events. Listen to her and Louise Hay talk about their new book, You Can Create an Exceptional Life. Join aspiring writers who are ready to learn everything they need to know to publish a book. Or, become a successful Mover & Shaker by learning the specific strategies that will help you build an international audience for your work.
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3.   The Next Step Coaching Intensive   by Cheryl Richardson, Reid Tracy
Whether you own a technology company, provide a professional service, or are a successful speaker or author, you’ll benefit from the proven multi-million dollar strategies that Cheryl and Reid have used for their companies and clients.
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