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    1.   Speak, Write & Promote: Become a Mover & Shaker Alaskan Cruise   by Cheryl Richardson, Reid Tracy Format: Lectures & Events
    The most successful authors, teachers, and speakers know that it takes a firm commitment of time and energy to build the kind of platform that not only reaches millions, but also grabs the interest of publishers, producers, editors, or speaker’s bureaus. If you’re a mover and shaker, and you’re ready to make that kind of commitment, then you’ll want to register now for this exciting event!
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    2.   I Can Do It! 2015 - Orlando   Format: Lectures & Events
    Leave the thorns behind and make your life a bed of roses at I Can Do It! 3-Day retreat in Orlando featuring the most inspiring and thought provoking authors of our time!

    Starting at: $50.00 - $325.00

    3.   I Can Do It! 2015 - New York   Format: Lectures & Events
    Reach new heights at I Can Do It!® New York.

    Break away from the bustling city sounds and join us for a 2-day retreat developed by Louise Hay to help you heal your life! Learn to love obstacles, heal past pain, and make positive choices that stick for a happier, healthier you in 2015!

    Starting at: $135.00 - $250.00