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    Hay House has 6 item(s) in Lectures & Events by the author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.
    1.   The Holy Land and Beyond: A Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Lectures & Events
    "Join me on this fantastic voyage with Immaculee Ilibagiza and Anita Moorjani for an amazing life changing journey."
    - Dr. Wayne Dyer
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    2.   Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao - Maui   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Format: Lectures & Events
    During this life-changing weekend workshop, Dr. Dyer will share his interpretation of the Tao Te Ching and show you how to apply it to every day life.

    List Price: $495.00

    3.   I AM LIGHT - Melbourne   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer , Anita Moorjani Format: Lectures & Events

    Change your perception of your being, and come to feel, know, and rely on your divinely-connected self. YOU ARE LIGHT

    List Price: $495.00

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    4.   I Can Do It! 2015 - Orlando   Format: Lectures & Events
    Leave the thorns behind and make your life a bed of roses at I Can Do It! 3-Day retreat in Orlando featuring the most inspiring and thought provoking authors of our time!

    Starting at: $75.00 - $375.00

    5.   I Can Do It! 2015 - New York   Format: Lectures & Events
    Reach new heights at I Can Do It!® New York.

    Break away from the bustling city sounds and join us for a 2-day retreat developed by Louise Hay to help you heal your life! Learn to love obstacles, heal past pain, and make positive choices that stick for a happier, healthier you in 2015!

    Starting at: $135.00 - $250.00

    6.   I Am Light: Discovering and Living From Your Impersonal Self - Fort Lauderdale   by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer , Anita Moorjani Format: Lectures & Events
    This seminar is being offered to assist you in fulfilling your one true purpose for being here in the first place. Those burning desires that you know and feel have nothing to do with your ego/personality. Your five senses cannot create a desire, to your personality, they are a conundrum because they cannot be seen, heard, smelt or even touched. YOU ARE LIGHT, come join us here in Ft. Lauderdale, and allow yourself to experience your true essence as a divine spark of the divine.

    List Price: $100.00