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Hay House has 4 item(s) in DVDs by the author Dr. Christiane Northrup.
1.   Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom   by Dr. Christiane Northrup Format: DVD
For the first time, Dr Christiane Northrup, gynaecology doctor and bestselling expert on women's health, presents a companion lecture to her bestselling Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. Here she approaches some of the most common complaints that can damage our enjoyment of life, and offers cutting-edge, holistic solutions.

Dr Christiane Northrup, acclaimed author and pioneer in the field of women's health, now helps you transform the relationship you have with your body. With her guidance, you'll find out how to access and use the most powerful inner tool that you possess for beauty and overall well-being: your innate Women's Wisdom. From diet to dancing... from the latest information in breast screenings to the role of pleasure... experience a completely new path to being a truly wise and wonderful woman. This programme will forever change your thinking about what is possible with your health-inside and out!

List Price: $19.95 $17.96 (Save 10%)

2.   Menopause and Beyond   by Dr. Christiane Northrup Format: DVD
This groundbreaking program, based on Dr Christiane Northrup's bestseller The Wisdom of Menopause, focuses on four key areas uppermost in the minds of women 50+. These are heart health, hormone therapy, diet and sexuality. Dr Northrup also presents a five-step program that guarantees weight loss if adhered to as directed.

With cutting-edge medical information and guidance, she invites midlife women to embrace their inner wisdom and transform the second half of their lives. Dr Northrup's extensive and impeccable research, combined with her uniquely warm and accessible presentation style, offers you a wealth of potentially life-changing information!

List Price: $19.95 $17.96 (Save 10%)

3.   Mother-Daughter Wisdom   by Dr. Christiane Northrup Format: DVD
In the course of this journey to self-realization, Dr. Northrup covers a rich range of topics that are designed to bring mothers and daughters to greater consciousness, including: the five facets of feminine power, how to end the mother/daughter “chain of pain,” the power of forgiveness, and how to deal with a difficult mother or daughter.

List Price: $19.95 $17.96 (Save 10%)

4.   Women's Bodies, Women's Choices   by Dr. Christiane Northrup Format: Video Cassette
You do have a choice when it comes to your health! During this powerful program, Dr. Northrup outlines many of the choices women face as they work with health-care professionals to achieve psychological health and physical well-being.

List Price: $29.95 $26.96 (Save 10%)