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Hay House has 7 item(s) in On Demand Downloads by the author Colette Baron-Reid.
1.   Messages From Spirit: Access the Power of Divine Guidance to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality   Format: On Demand Downloads
In this powerful two-hour On Demand Lecture, renowned intuitive and spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid will help you tap into the power of divine guidance to manifest your heart's desire and make this year the year of greatness and gratitude!

Starting at: $11.11

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2.   The Mirror of Love: How to Enhance Your Relationships and Powers of Attraction   Format: On Demand Downloads
Get ready to transform your love life in this phenomenal On Demand Lecture with renowned intuitive Colette Baron-Reid. Loved by her fans for her upbeat personality and remarkable insight into love and intimacy, Colette will teach you how to get the best out of your relationships.

Starting at: $11.00

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3.   The Ultimate Truth to Having It All: Finding True Success in Partnership with Spirit   Format: On Demand Downloads
Colette gives you the tools you need to recognize your helpers and transform your life challengers into allies to help you on your path to abundance, fulfillment, and harmony. Learn what truly makes you happy and fulfilled as you redefine your perception of abundance and wealth.

Starting at: $11.11

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4.   Instant Insight: The Easy Way to Access Divine Guidance Using Oracle Cards   Format: On Demand Downloads
Whether you’ve been using oracle cards for years or are just starting out, this online workshop is sure to help you take your readings to the next level. Colette created a special video lesson to teach participants how to do an in-depth 7-card reading. To watch the video, click here. To download the video, click here.

Starting at: $22.00

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5.   28 Days to Claim the Life You’re Destined to Live: Colette Baron-Reid On Demand Course   Format: On Demand Downloads
In this transformational 28-day program, Colette takes you into a total immersion of the ultimate shift in consciousness so you can finally embrace your true destiny. Colette teaches you how to become the person who lives the life you want to live!

Starting at: $149.00

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6.   Makeover Your Love Life! Online Course   Format: On Demand Downloads
In this breakthrough Makeover Your Love Life online course, six sought-after experts in the fields of love, relationships, and manifestation share their most powerful techniques for radically transforming your love life, both inside and out.

Starting at: $59.95

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7.   Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much Online Course   by Colette Baron-Reid Format: On Demand Downloads
In this fun and interactive on demand course, renowned intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid leads you through her groundbreaking Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much paradigm. Over five insightful lessons, she shows you how to overcome emotional overload so you can finally get grounded, lose weight, and get back in the drivers seat!

Starting at: $99.00 - $149.00

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