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    Hay House has 4 item(s) in On Demand Downloads by the author Robert Holden, Ph.D..
    1.   Happiness Now!   Format: On Demand Downloads
    In this On Demand Lecture, Robert will share with you personal insights, proven methods, and inspiring stories that are the heart of his work with The Happiness Project.

    Starting at: $10.00

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    2.   Shift Happens - Saying YES to the Next Step in Your Life   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: On Demand Downloads
    In this transformational Online Course, Dr. Robert Holden coaches you step-by-step on principles and practices that are at the heart of his work. Each of the five workshops is based on one of Robert’s best-selling books, starting with Shift Happens! Robert presents a creative mix of inspiring readings, poetry, meditations and exercises in each workshop. He has a special guest for each workshop, including Louise Hay, Dr. Maya Angelou, Ram Dass, Cheryl Richardson, Gabrielle Bernstein and others. You also have the chance to call in live and speak to Robert.

    Starting at: $125.00 - $179.00

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    3.   Be Happy: Dr. Robert Holden On Demand Course   by Robert Holden, Ph.D. Format: On Demand Downloads
    Join Dr. Robert Holden, one of the word’s most sought-after experts in the field of positive psychology and well-being, for a transformational 8-lesson journey to a more joyful and fulfilled life.

    Starting at: $99.00

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    4.   Stress Busters! Online Course   Format: On Demand Downloads
    In this new Stress Busters Online Course, six of the world’s most celebrated experts in stress management and mind-body wellness give you the tools you need to put an end to stress and burnout.

    Starting at: $59.95

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