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    1.   Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    In this book, Braden describes this ancient form of prayer that has no words or outward expressions. Then, for the first time in print, he leads us on a journey exploring what our most intimate experiences tell us about our deepest beliefs.

    List Price: $12.99 $11.69 (Save 10%)

    2.   Resilience from the Heart   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    This book gets to the heart of the fundamental question you have no doubt asked yourself in the face of the complexities and challenges of the modern world: How do I make everyday life better for myself and my family?

    List Price: $15.99 $14.39 (Save 10%)

    3.   The Turning Point   by Gregg Braden Format: Hardcover

    There's a time when every crisis can become transformation; when simply surviving can become joyous thriving. In our lives that time is The Turning Point. In our world that time is now!

    List Price: $24.95 $10.00 (Save 60%)

    4.   Deep Truth   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    Best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures, and nations-seemingly disparate issues such as war, terrorism, abortion, genocide, poverty, economic collapse, climate change, and nuclear threats-are actually related. They all stem from a worldview based upon the false assumptions of an incomplete science.

    List Price: $18.99 $17.09 (Save 10%)

    5.   Entanglement   by Gregg Braden , Lynn Lauber Format: Paperback
    Entanglement, the new novel based on the teachings of New York Times bestselling author Gregg Braden, explores the world of quantum physics through the experiences of twin brothers.

    Charlie and Jack Franklin have always experienced life differently than your average brothers. As children, each was able to sense when the other was in danger, when the other was sad, or when the other was happy. As adults, these two brothers took different paths: Jack stayed in their hometown to practice his art and Charlie joined the army, only to be deployed to Afghanistan.

    After a frightening vision wakes Jack up from a deep sleep, he begins his quest to get in touch with Charlie. Along the way, he encounters his high-school physics teacher, who helps him understand the connection the brothers have and the larger universal oneness of which we are all a part.

    List Price: $13.95 $12.56 (Save 10%)

    6.   Fractal Time   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    In a narrative format of easy-to-read science and true-life accounts, Fractal Time shows us what we can expect as we close the Great World Age described by the Mayan Calendar, and the secret to our moment in history.

    List Price: $14.95 $13.46 (Save 10%)

    7.   The Spontaneous  Healing of Belief   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    Did you know that we are born with the power to choose what's real in our world?
    What would it mean to discover that everything from the DNA of life to the future of our world is based upon a simple 'Reality Code' that may be changed and upgraded by choice? Revolutionary discoveries in the power of belief suggest that we're about to find out!

    List Price: $16.99 $15.29 (Save 10%)

    8.   Fractal Time   by Gregg Braden Format: Hardcover
    In his latest book, former senior computer systems designer and bestselling author Gregg Braden merges these ancient and modern world views into a powerful new model of time. Marrying the modern laws of fractal patterns to the ancient concept of cycles, he demonstrates how everything from the war and peace between nations to our most joyous relationships and personal crises are the returning patterns of our past. As each pattern returns, it carries the same conditions of previous cycles—fractal patterns that can be known, measured and predicted!

    List Price: $24.95 $8.00 (Save 68%)

    9.   The Spontaneous Healing of Belief   by Gregg Braden Format: Hardcover
    The Spontaneous Healing of Belief offers us both: the miracles that open the door to a powerful new way of seeing the world, and the science that tells us why the miracles are possible, revealing: why we are not limited by the “laws” of physics and biology as we know them today.

    List Price: $24.95 $8.00 (Save 68%)

    10.   The Divine Matrix   by Gregg Braden Format: Paperback
    In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, shocked the world by saying that this "matrix" is where the birth of stars, the DNA of life, and everything between originates.

    Recent discoveries reveal dramatic evidence that Planck's matrix - The Divine Matrix - is real. It is this missing link in our understanding that provides the container for the universe, the bridge between our imagination and our reality, and the mirror in our world for what we create in our beliefs.

    To unleash the power of this matrix in our lives, we must understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes. For more than 20 years, Gregg Braden, a former senior aerospace computer systems designer, has searched for the understanding to do just that.

    In this paradigm-shattering book, Gregg shares what he's found. Through 20 keys of conscious creation, we're shown how to translate the miracles of our imagination into what is real in our lives. With easy-to-understand science and real-life stories, Gregg shows us that we're limited only by our beliefs, and what we once believed is about to change!

    List Price: $15.95 $14.36 (Save 10%)

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