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1.   Eating in the Light   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

This book will give you all the information you need to make that very personal decision for yourself. Doreen Virtue and Becky Black, M.F.T., R.D., show you that it isn't just the fat or carbohydrate content that counts when making dietary choices-it's the "spiritual vibrational" quality of what you eat that truly makes a difference in how you look and feel

List Price: $12.95
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2.   The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks
The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection is the perfect read for anyone who is looking to learn more about the angels and spirituality, as well as for those who want to finally have their favorite Doreen books together in one handy volume!
List Price: $29.95
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3.   Mermaids 101   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

In this latest entry into her best-selling 101 book series (which include Angels 101, Archangels 101, and Fairies 101), Doreen Virtue gives you the fascinating history of mermaids and mermen from Atlantis and beyond.

List Price: $16.95
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4.   Angel Therapy - Terapia Ángelica   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks
In Angel Therapy, you will learn new ways of looking at, and fresh ways of handling issues and common problems such as addictions, breakups, children, depression, health, intuition, love, manifesting, and many more!
List Price: $13.95
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5.   Daily Guidance From Your Angels: Guia Diaria De Sus Angeles   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

Daily Guidance from Your Angels will keep you centered in peacefulness throughout the day, and will help you remember that your angels are always beside you, ready to assist you with every area of your life. A beautiful ribbon bookmark bound into the spine is the perfect way to easily mark your place, both morning and evening.

List Price: $14.95
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6.   Realms of The Earth Angels - Reinos de los Angeles en la Tierra   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

In Realms of the Earth Angels, Doreen discusses the original Earth Angels book, plus gives updated descriptions about the new realms, which include Mystic Angels (half-angel, half-wise one); Leprechauns (half-elemental, half-wise one); Merpeople; Knights; and more.

List Price: $7.00
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7.   Angels 101 - El ABC de Los Angeles:Como comenzar a conectarse, trabajar y sanarse con los angeles   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

Angels 101 is a nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the ways that angels help us and how to call upon them; information on guardian angels, archangels, and departed loved ones; and frequently asked questions about the angels. No matter where you are on a spiritual or religious path, this book is sure to deepen your understanding and love of the angels-and it makes the perfect gift for someone new to these concepts!

List Price: $12.95
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8.   My Guardian Angel   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks

Now, the best columns have been collected into this inspirational and heartwarming book. You'll enjoy reading these awe-inspiring accounts, along with Doreen's comments and channeled advice on ways to connect with your own guardian angels.

List Price: $6.99
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9.   Angel Numbers   by Doreen Virtue Format: eBooks
Doreen and co-author Lynnette Brown explain that the angels give us messages in the form of number sequences. This handy guide provides an interpretation of numbers from 0 to 999.
List Price: $9.95
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