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1.   The Third Rule Of Ten   by Gay Hendricks Format: eBooks
Keep current with the truth: we're only as weak as our secrets- especially the ones we keep from ourselves. That's the Third Rule of Ten.

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2.   The Broken Rules of Ten   by Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay Format: eBooks
In The Broken Rules of Ten, a prequel to the popular Tenzing Norbu Mystery series, our favorite ex-Buddhist monk, ex-LAPD officer, turned private eye, is just turning 13 years old. While Ten deals with the embarrassment of puberty and the rapid changes to his body, he must also navigate his first brushes with mysticism, mystery, and maybe even murder.
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3.   The Second Rule Of Ten   by Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay Format: eBooks
Tenzing "Ten" Norbu-ex-monk and ex-cop-is back! In The Second Rule of Ten, the next book in the Dharma Detective series, our daring detective faces a dead Hollywood producer, an ailing philanthropist's missing sister, and a way-too-sexy pathologist, who are all wreaking havoc with his serenity-and that's before the arrival of cartel king and arch-nemesis Chaco Morales.
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4.   The First Rule of Ten   by Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay Format: eBooks
Set in the modern-day streets and canyons of Los Angeles, The First Rule of Ten is at turns humorous, insightful, and riveting-a gripping mystery as well as a reflective, character-driven story with intriguing life-lessons for us all.

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5.   Spirit-Centered Relationships   by Gay Hendricks, Kathlyn Hendricks Format: eBooks
What is a spirit-centered relationship, and how can you bring more genuine love into your life? To answer these questions, tune in to yourself to find out if this is what your heart desires in a close relationship.
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6.   Spiritual Cinema   by Stephen Simon, Gay Hendricks Format: eBooks
Would you like to discover a new world of movies that expands your mind, warms your heart, and stirs your soul? If so, this book is sure to become a valuable resource for you. Here you will find a treasure trove of films that inspire you and celebrate every aspect of the human spirit. Spiritual Cinema asks the big questions about life and living: Who are we? Why are we here?
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