Chakra Energy Healing by Doreen Virtue

    Chakra Energy Healing

    by  Doreen Virtue

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    1. An overriding sense of anxiety—of feeling unsafe and insecure in this world (root chakra)
    2. Addictive cravings or the ache of feeling (sacral chakra)
    3. Issues with power, control, leadership, or authority (solar-plexus chakra)
    4. Difficulty trusting others, because you’ve been hurt in the past (heart chakra)
    5. A stifled voice, where you’ve been holding back from expressing yourself (throat chakra)
    6. Struggles with hearing the voice of God and the angels (ear chakra) 
    7. Blocks when it comes to utilizing your spiritual gifts (third-eye chakra)
    8. A perception that you’re disconnected from God, or have been diverted from your spiritual path (crown chakra)

    Doreen takes you through each major chakra one by one: the 7 you may already be familiar with—as well as another little-known but vitally important chakra—found in ancient sacred texts, going back thousands of years. She also looks at some other surprising “bonus” chakras she has discovered!

    If any of the above resonates with you or sounds like someone you know, it’s an indication of an area in need of healing. Misalignments in the chakra system can wreak havoc with your physical health and dim your inner light. Fortunately, in this course, you’ll learn how to turn the chakra light back on . . . in yourself and others.

    Whether you’re a healer looking to add to your repertoire or you’re simply interested in personal development, you can unblock any energetic imbalances through Chakra Energy Healing and creating a balanced life in which you take care of all of your needs.

    This lively 8-lesson sequence follows the body line from the base of the spine, bringing the energy up through the crown of the head. Doreen starts with the root chakra in Lesson 1, and then works her way up through the sacral chakra, the solar-plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the ear chakras, the third-eye chakra, and the crown chakra in Lesson 8.

    In this unique course format, you also have the option to start with Lesson 8 and move backward to Lesson 1 for a more “grounding” learning experience. Either way, these lessons will help you to discover how to use this sacred art in your own practice or with your friends and loved ones. Even your pets can benefit from chakra healing!

    And with unlimited lifetime access to the course, you’ll have steady support to recharge your chakras and reinvigorate your knowledge of these techniques . . .

    As a Chakra Energy Healer, you will have the skills to direct healing to yourself or another. And as you help someone else open up their chakras, yours will resonate to that higher vibration. It’s really true that as you heal others, you heal yourself. Seize this opportunity now to embark on a journey of Chakra Energy Healing!

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    “When we take care of our chakras, our energy increases, we have higher self-esteem, and we even become more intuitive!”

    ~ Doreen Virtue

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: The Root Chakra

    The root chakra, overseer of our finances, career, home, physical safety and needs, and possessions, is our very foundation. If there’s an imbalance in this chakra, an overriding sense of fear—of feeling unsafe and insecure in this world—can wreak havoc with our physical health and dim our energy. Fortunately, in this first lesson you’ll learn how to turn the chakra light back on by sending the Divine light within you to your root and how to ground yourself by leaning upon the angels. And as added bonus, you’ll find that balancing your physicality in this way is an ancient method for manifesting abundance!

    Lesson 2: The Sacral Chakra

    In this lesson, you’ll be introduced to the “sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll” chakra (as Doreen calls it): the sacral chakra. You’ll learn how this chakra—the seat of creativity and reproduction—is involved with appetites; creative expression; and addictions, if unbalanced. And you’ll learn how you can help balance infertility issues, heal addictive cravings, and open up your creative channels by directing this healing intention to any sacral blockages.

    Lesson 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

    The solar plexus marks the halfway point between the “earthly” chakras, corresponding to the realm of the physical, and the higher ones that express our spiritual path. So this chakra—the seat of our personal power and connection to the Divine power—really is where “Heaven meets Earth”! In this key lesson, you’ll discover how to balance the solar-plexus issues related to authority, empowerment, and gastric health. You’ll also learn a technique to use your hand as a “lightning rod” to direct Divine healing, as Doreen offers an instructive one-on-one chakra-clearing demonstration.

    Lesson 4: The Heart Chakra

    The heart chakra, the center of the psychic sense clairsentience, is the portal and passageway of Divine love—and quite naturally relates to cardiovascular health. In this lesson, Doreen guides you in merging your heart with the infinite wisdom of God, the angels, Jesus, and all the ascended masters to purify all thoughts and emotions of unforgiveness. Through this heart-opening process, you and your clients will find greater success in your relationships, connect more intimately with others, and learn to be fearless about love.

    Lesson 5: The Throat Chakra

    The throat chakra is all about communication. In this lesson, Doreen guides you to get in touch with your truth, commit to what you’re saying, and find your voice if you lost it because you’ve been discouraged to speak up. And you’ll discover how to help others do the same by programming the throat chakra to bring the light through and deliver important healing messages in a resonant way.

    Lesson 6: The Ear Chakras

    Each physical sense Is regulated by an analogous energy center, and that includes your sense of hearing. Although not among the traditional 7 major chakras, the lesser-known ear chakras are vital to connecting with the voice of the Divine. This lesson offers a wealth of information Doreen has gathered about how to unclog your ear chakras and use your “inner hearing” to get spiritual messages. By detoxing the lower vibrations of hurtful words you’ve absorbed, you’ll keep your physical and etheric ears keen and attuned to love.

    Lesson 7: The Third Eye Chakra

    The third eye is the “eye” of your higher self, the true you God created. It is also where do you see clairvoyant visions. In this lesson, you’ll discover the third-eye blocks that may cause you to filter your vision—and how to lift them. What’s more, you’ll learn how to support the pineal gland—an antenna for etheric messages, translated into visual information—with pineapple (among other chakra “secrets”). With practice, you can move into a state of grace and lose your fears so that you can be the healer and visionary you are meant to be.

    Lesson 8: The Crown Chakra

    Your journey through this course concludes on the highest possible note as Doreen invites you to explore the crown chakra—the conduit to God. This chakra, like a SkyDome that opens up at the top of your head, directly connects you to the godhead and Divine guidance. She discusses how fear energy can create the illusion that Source energy is far away, however, and the “halo-effect” benefits on your physical and mental health when you get on the vibration of your spiritual purpose. In this final culmination lesson, you’ll discover a multiphasic method—smudging, crystal clearing, and meditation—to bring your crown chakra back to its glorious open state.

    Bonuses: Bonuses: Chakra Energy Healing

    Chakra-Healing Modalities and Tips

    In this bonus video, Doreen leads you through a handful of complementary healing modalities to incorporate into your chakra work. Topics include clearing and vacuuming with Archangel Michael, scanning, and centering, as well as forming a treatment group/cross-referral network.

    Chakra Coloring Book

    This downloadable coloring book, with gorgeous mandala illustrations and accompanying chakra-specific affirmations, is an opportunity to directly explore the chakras’ color vibrations. Coloring in these beautiful images will allow you to connect more deeply with your energy body—particularly your sacral chakra—through an enjoyable, relaxing, and meditative creative activity.

    Archangel 101: How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance

    In this uplifting nondenominational audio download, Doreen guides you in connecting with her 15 favorite archangels and teaches you which ones to call upon for various situations. You’ll hear true stories from people who received protection, miraculous healings, and amazing guidance from these beloved heavenly beings. Archangels want to help you live a healthier and happier life!

    Chakra Clearing A Morning and Evening Meditation to Awaken Your Spiritual Power

    Morning Meditation: On this meditative audio program, Doreen guides you through spiritual releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your energy chakra centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power. The morning meditation is designed to begin your day with a bright, positive energy frequency and surround you with healing light.

    Evening Meditation: On this meditative audio program, Doreen guides you through spiritual releasement and angelic healing therapy, which clears your energy chakra centers and activates your inborn healing and psychic power. The relaxing evening meditation clears away energy that you may have absorbed during the day, and invites angels to enter your dreams and give you Divine messages.

    In Course Webinar: In Course Webinar with Doreen Virtue

    These in-course webinars allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Doreen Vertue to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. These LIVE webinars are only being offered within the course and are a rare chance to speak with Doreen to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By Matilde Zayas on May 30, 2017

    Wow! what a fabulous teaching, I learned everything that I wanted to know and more. Thank you Doreen!

    By Bicoastal Daze on Apr 30, 2017

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