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    Changing Course

    Inspiration, Ideas and Insights for Starting Again from the CEO Who Became a Caddie
    by Neil Francis
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    Changing Course by Neil Francis

    Publisher: Hay House UK

    Publication Date: 9/2/13

    ISBN: 9781781801529

    Product Description

    For more than a decade Neil Francis was as a successful CEO. He grew his internet company from scratch, worked with some of the world's top businesses delivering fantastic results, and lead the way in his industry. Then, at the age of 41, Neil's world collapsed. Out of the blue, a stroke brought his business career to a shuddering halt.

    But Neil wasn't beaten. To aid his recovery, he took a job as a caddie at one of Scotland's top golf courses. And from this most unlikely of scenarios, he found remarkable insights and wisdom that, coupled with his vast business experience, will provide a sure foundation and rich support for anyone who is looking - or is forced - to change course in their life.

    In this intriguing book, Neil masterfully weaves together his insights on adapting to life changes, distilled from conversations with some of the highly successful individuals for whom he caddied. To anyone changing course, or starting again, with the ambition of truly enjoying what they do in every area of their life going forward, Neil delivers a gem of a routemap - perceptive, enjoyable, challenging, readable and, above all, inspiring.

    About the Author


    Neil Francis has many years of experience as a CEO, non-executive director and director. He is also a caddie at The North Berwick Golf Club. Currently he is a director of two internet companies, a social enterprise that creates partnerships between Scottish and Rwandan individuals and companies, and a consultancy practice that helps companies and individuals change course. Based just outside of Edinburgh, a typical day for Neil now includes a board meeting in the morning and caddying in the afternoon!