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    Choose Yourself Bundle

    by  James Altucher, Hay House, Inc.

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    Publication Date: 2/12/14

    ISBN: ZQ69

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    From the desk of Reid Tracy, President of Hay House:

    When a book gets my attention, I’ll do whatever I can to share it with those I care about. 

    I’ve just read a new book by James Altucher about choosing yourself to create a life where you love the work you do, you earn the money you desire and you are in spiritual connection with your higher self! 

    I’m confident that his book will help you manifest your best life and I want you to read it too and reap the benefits!

    Our world is changing in ways most people can’t imagine.  If you want to make more money, be healthier, live your dream, have empowering relationships, and a deeper spiritual connection to your highest self, then this is a book you absolutely must read.  Choose Yourself is a game changer!

    This book will become a true classic.  Anyone who reads it and follows the advice will make more money, unlock their full potential, do work they love, and receive abundant financial and emotional rewards like never before.

    You will benefit from the vision in Choose Yourself as it merges practical life matters, like how to pay your rent/mortgage/bills, reinventing yourself by creating a new business or career, and spiritual matters, like how to surrender to your highest self, letting go of finding your “life purpose,” and developing a daily spiritual practice.

    Now, I hope you noticed something very unusual in the sentence above. 

    Yes, I did say you learn to let go of your “life purpose.”  James shares a more authentic, practical and realistic way of finding your purpose – for today – and still accomplish your long term goals and achieve the success you desire.

    The time has come for all of us to free ourselves from our old beliefs and let our talents resurface so we can find work that we love and that brings us joy and fulfillment.

    Here’s the exciting part:  If you understand and recognize how to take advantage of these unprecedented changes, you can improve your life in exceptional ways.  You can actually do anything in this “new world order.”

    For instance, you can become a successful coach, bestselling author, public speaker, photographer, video artist, singer, painter, musician, consultant, and you can even get paid to travel the world!

    These new changes offer all of us a unique opportunity to create a passive income, make money for ourselves, and enjoy the time we have doing what we want instead of towing the line for large companies who no longer can afford to invest in their employees. 

    You can attract success and gain wealth by doing what you love, no matter your age, and James provides you with a proven map that delivers real, verifiable results!  How exciting is that?  I think it is very exciting and much needed!

    But why should you even listen to James Altucher?

    That’s the exact question I asked when I picked up his book! Well, here’s what I found out about James. 

    James is an American hedge fund manager, the founder and co-founder of over 20 companies, has made and lost millions of dollars only to come back stronger every time, author of over 11 books, including his bestseller, Choose Yourself, and is a contributor to multiple publications including Financial Times and The Huffington Post.

    He has accomplished quite a lot, which I found very impressive.  His mission is simple; Make people happy and teach them how to make money so they can live the dream.

    And still, you are probably wondering... What kind of practical guidance can you really gain from James? 

    James has a master plan to make EVERYTHING better in your life. 

    From his plan, you’ll learn:

    • A daily routine used by one of the richest and most successful producers in Hollywood and how to use it yourself.  This routine allows you to work just a few hours a day and accomplish more.

    • A list of steps to take to get you out of the job you can’t quit.

    • Straight forward ideas you can use to make more money in this new American economy.

    • A quick technique to figure out what you want to do with your life – today.

    • Ten keys to sell anything.  Learn how to use the most valuable skill you can have.

    • How to get started at anything.

    • Idea Machine Technique  – generating GREAT ideas instead of mediocre ones – and learning the difference between the two.

    • How to release the God hormone.

    • The best strategy for building and selling a million dollar business.

    • One simple thing to do for your friends and colleagues.

    Any one of these techniques from his master plan has a big impact on your life.  But the most fascinating idea he shares is “The Daily Practice.”  James’ practice emerged from despair, depression, and bankruptcy and was pivotal in bringing him to where he is today. 

    His simple daily routine will help you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  This is not a theory, but specific action steps you can use every day and especially during difficult times. 

    After spending an afternoon with James, I asked him if we could offer this book to our Hay House community so more people could benefit from his great ideas and “The Daily Practice” ritual that changed his life.  

    He was more than happy to share, because he believes in giving and giving some more.  So, together we came up with this incredible bundle which includes the Choose Yourself Hardcover, which you cannot find anywhere else other than Hay House.


    Four additional books by James, for FREE.  That’s right!  You’ll receive FOUR additional electronic books by James for FREE when you order the Choose Yourself bundle.

    You’ll instantly receive electronic copies of these FOUR valuable books when you order today:

    Free Book #1: I Was Blind But Now I See. This is an interesting book in which James Altucher explains how most of us, Americans, are brainwashed by modern society... parents, teachers, the government, advertisers, etc... And how to get rich, be successful, and be happy by turning conventional wisdom on its head.

    In this book he shows you what to do if you get fired... what to do if your marriage is in trouble... how to position yourself to have lots of people want to hire you... how to be happy in retirement... a totally unique approach to looking at your investments, and much more.

    Free Book #2: FAQ Me. James Altucher might be the most prolific blogger and email responder in the world. Since launching his blog, James Altucher has had more than 10 million visitors, and every week, he still responds to dozens of questions from his readers every week in Twitter.

    The book, FAQ Me, is a great compilation, in which he uses his very unique outlook on the world and his breadth of experience to answer reader questions, with insights such as: What to do right before a big interview or speech... how to give a great toast how to be a better write and presenter... why men really cheat on their spouse... the best place for men to meet women (it’s not online or a bar)... how to have more charisma... how to be great at job interviews... how to learn how to think on your feet the truth about risk and starting a business the next industries that will have enormous booms in America how to meet people who can dramatically improve your life. The #1 secret for winning at poker how to create a successful blog. James Altucher’s favorite books, movies, TV shows and more and much more.

    Free Book #3 40 Alternatives to College. Now I know, this might seem like a strange book to recommend you to read, since most of our audience is likely past college age. But I want you to have a copy for two reasons:

    One: If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews or any other connection with college age kids, I want you to show them this book. I have two young children at home. When they're approaching the end of their high-school careers, I'm going to suggest they take a look at Altucher’s book and make a decision with full knowledge of what they are getting into, and also, what their options are. 

    But there’s much more to this book than just alternatives to college. And that brings me to the second reason I want you to have a copy: It is a great resource, not just for young people, but for anyone looking to change careers, to find a better job, or to live a happy and fulfilling retirement. This book is a quick read, but like all of James Altucher’s work, it’s packed with great ideas you can use in the real world. It shows you how to explore new careers, how to connect with people who might help you, how to figure out what you want to do, and much, much more. That’s why I want you to have a copy, free of charge.

    Free Book #4 Spiritual Money (Not available anywhere else): This book shows how we, as a people, are at an important stage in our lives.  Regardless of our age: we know the importance of freedom to pursue our own bliss and desires. We know the importance of manifestation.  But, just like everyone else, we also know that we have to pay the bills. 

    James Altucher comes from the financial world, but remember, he lost it all.  He hit the lowest bottom one could hit, was humiliated, depressed and almost died.  It was at his darkest hour that he turned to his higher self because he realized that only with humility, trust, honesty and a deep change he could come back. He then pulled himself up by using universal spiritual principles and made it back from the grave.

    In this book he gives you a very specific step by step “cheat-sheet” that you can easily follow to start a profitable business. 

    And if business is not your thing, he also offers a proven method to create a blog based on your personal, creative interests, and attract 10 (ten) million visitors to it –with the possibility to convert those visitors into income, or new opportunities.

    This book is not released anywhere else. You won’t find it in bookstores. You won’t find it on Amazon or any other retailer.  You can only get it with this special bundle.

    When you add up the cost of each of these books, you can see how the value of this package adds up quickly.  If you purchased each of the three books separately,including the never-before released hardcover, the cost would be well over $60!  Not to mention, you can’t even access Spiritual Money unless you order here.

    You can order James’paperback version of Choose Yourself, on Amazon right now for $11.21 plus shipping, but you wouldn’t get it in hardcover OR the bonus of FOUR FREE BOOKS.  Our entire bundle is only $24.95, plus FREE shipping and contains FIVE Valuable Books!

    I love this book and I want you to have access to all five of James’ books, including his unpublished, Spiritual Money, so take advantage of this incredible bundle offer.  It really is a great deal from America’s newest thought leader.

    We’ve printed a limited number of hardcover copies, and I feel confident saying that they are going to move very quickly. 

    So, place your order sooner rather than later and you’ll have access to electronic copies of the FOUR FREE BOOKS in a matter of minutes!  You’ll receive your hardcover copy of Choose Yourself within a few days. 

    This is to living your best life yet and starting the new you!

    Reid Tracy, President

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