Colors & Numbers by Louise Hay

    Colors & Numbers

    Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life

    by  Louise Hay

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 7/8/10

    ISBN: 9781401927448

    “Colors and Numbers have a lot of significance for us. We each have our own personal number vibrations and personal color vibrations. Some of these numbers, such as our date of birth, are permanent. We also have temporary personal colors that change with the calendar. By consciously surrounding ourselves with our personal colors, we become more in tune with the cosmic forces.

    “Colors and Numbers are useful to our lives and attitudes. They may form a basis for our affirmations and declarations about ourselves, which is exactly the purpose of this book.

    “May every Colors & Numbers day be a joyous one for you!”

    — Louise L. Hay

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