The Courage to Be Creative by Doreen Virtue

    The Courage to Be Creative

    Enjoy Success From Your Creativity

    by  Doreen Virtue

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    Live creatively! Being creative is a way of life; it means expressing your vision and true feelings in all that you do.

    Creativity can be infused into your whole life so you experience more joy and success, whether it is in your current career, a new professional path, parenting, hobbies, relationships, or your home life.

    If you feel guided toward creative expression, listen to your heart and give voice to your soul. You can overcome the fears and worry blocking you from following your true purpose. Tapping into your creativity allows you to align with your authentic self and put your visionary ideas into motion. Embrace your imagination! It opens you up to the realm of possibility, so you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

    In this course, Doreen Virtue, best-selling author of over 50 books and 30 oracle and tarot card decks, will guide you in empowering yourself to get in touch with your creative spirit. Having the courage to look within means that you’re willing to do whatever it takes for your inspiration. It’s in your deepest feelings that you find the passion to create. Your creative endeavors can be more than a hobby—you can build a business or career doing what you love.

    You’ll rediscover the Divine spark of light the Creator instilled inside you. Once in the flow of creative energy, you’ll learn how to stay focused with various exercises and meditations to bring your creative ideas to fruition. Remain true to yourself even in the face of detractors, and your success is assured. This course also guides you in making a living—and a contribution to others—through your creative career.   

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    What You'll Learn


    Authenticity and emotional depth are the keys to any successful creative work. In this lesson, Doreen takes you through exercises to creatively channel your feelings and reach others through your chosen artistic medium. You’ll learn how you can uniquely be a force for healing and upliftment with your creativity!


    Your creative ideas are needed in this world—in fact, they are Divine directives. Here, Doreen helps you work through the fears and delay tactics that are holding you back from expressing yourself creatively. This lesson will lend you the strength to execute your ideas and stay the course.


    In this lesson, Doreen gets “in the trenches” with you during the creative process and delves into how to turn your magical ideas into reality. You’ll learn ways to set up your space to invite creativity, along with which archangels call upon for help with your artistry. You’ll even discover how to harness the purity of unicorn energy for your creative project!


    Success as a creative individual requires that you keep the faith and stay true to yourself even in the face of detractors. In this lesson, Doreen shares the technique of visualization as a tool for manifestation, and also touches on how the feedback and support of others can strengthen your creative product and bolster your career.


    In this final lesson, you will be empowered to act as your own “boss” and spread the word about your creative product or service. Doreen also discusses how sensitive people like you can become comfortable being paid for their work—and launch a creative career!

    BONUSES: To help you on your creative path, you will receive three special bonuses.

    Starlight Meditation (Video Stream & Audio Download)

    Doreen leads you in a beautiful two-part meditation to awaken your creative energy. This starlight bath will inspire you during your creative process and bring you clarity in your creative visions.

    Unicorn Coloring Book (PDF)

    Unicorn energy clears the path for Divine inspiration to travel from the Source to you and into your project. This 10-page unicorn coloring book will spark your creativity and allow your high-vibrational ideas to align.

    Creative Career Guide (PDF)

    This guide is exclusive to this course and delivers valuable information about the practical side of your creative career. You’ll learn about:

    • Marketing and publicizing your creative products or services
    • Conventional publishers versus self-publishing
    • Outlets for finding an audience and selling your creative work
    • The various roles of managers, agents and distributors

    Courage to be Creative - In Course Webinar: Access exclusive in-course webinar with Doreen Virtue

    These in-course webinars allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Doreen Virtue and to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. The LIVE webinar is only being offered within the course and are a rare chance to speak with Doreen to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By Dr. Aminah on Jul 29, 2017

    Such an amazing course, whatever level you are on, this is helpful. I've gone back through it a 3rd time and heard something else that helped me. There is so much content that it will serve you over and over again in different ways. From getting your emotional state together, releasing fears to the marketing of your product (addressing any issues you may have about that too!). An exceptional course that I would recommend to anyone who considers themselves an artist, an entrepreneur, or anything in which you use your creativity. Well thought out and done.

    By Jo-Anne on Apr 25, 2017

    This course is like having your very own cheerleading squad on hand :) Doreen gives wonderful advice as well as making you feel confident, even when you don't. Her stories, life experiences and practical advice are encouraging and helpful. Thank you for your support!