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Cracking Your Karma Code Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 2
Four-Lesson Online Course with Sandra Anne Taylor
by Sandra Anne Taylor

Date: 9/22/11 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Internet, Hay House Radio $116.00

Cracking Your Karma Code Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 2

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Learn to release the past and heal the present!

Do you feel like you’re making an effort, but something unseen is blocking your way? The answers may lie in your past lives!

In this information-packed online course, Sandra Anne Taylor, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned consciousness creation expert, reveals the power of your encoded consciousness. You may be surprised at what vital information from your past is still significantly influencing your present reality!

Over your four inspiring lessons with Sandra, you’ll identify your karmic experiences and rewrite and release your old code. With Sandra’s powerful processes and practical techniques, you’ll finally be able to break through your hidden blocks and pave the way to the wonderful destiny you’ve been longing for.

Moreover, if your current work involves helping others heal and achieve their destiny or you’d like to create such a career, this course is also the perfect opportunity to enhance your capabilities. Sandra will share her expertise as a sought-after healer and workshop leader and help you incorporate these techniques into your work with others.

In this life-changing online course, you’ll learn countless little-known techniques for cracking your karma code. In particular, Sandra will cover:

• Time, Reincarnation, and the Energetic Realm;
• The truth about karma and how it influences your life today;
• How to connect with your past-life guides;
• Healing present relationship problems that are sourced in the past;
• Shifting your encoded consciousness to change your future destiny;
• How to view the Akashic Records;
• Clearing stuck energy in your body and your life;
• Powerful ways to set healthy, new intentions concerning love, health, and finances;
• Powerful processes of regression, releasing, and re-scripting the past;
• Astounding techniques for progressing to a future life and programming something wonderful to come!

Isn’t it time to awaken to all of this enlightening information and clear the unwanted patterns that have been holding you back? This empowering online certification course will not only reveal the past and heal the present; it will also help you to create a vibrant and blissful life now and for lifetimes to come!

Please note: Sandra has created this course for anyone who wants to break unwanted patterns. You can take this course solely for your own benefit or as part of her Quantum Life Coaching Certification. For those who do want to be certified with Sandra, this is level 2 of her 3-level certification. In order to be certified, you must take level 1 on demand and complete level 3, which is planned for spring 2012. You don't need to take level 1 before taking level 2.

Lesson Details:

Lesson 1: Tracking Your Karma Indicators
Sandra teaches you how your present patterns in love, money, and health can be traced back to past-life experiences. Learn how your karmic energy becomes encoded and how you can re-direct your destiny today.

In this lesson, Sandra will teach you about:
• The time/space continuum and how to travel to the past;
• Karmic indicators and present life conclusions;
• Karmic debt, karmic lessons, and unknown intentions.
You’ll also learn how to use Sandra’s dynamic process to connect with your past-life guides.

Lesson 2: What Are Your Karmic Causes?
In this lesson, you’ll investigate the main karmic causes that most strongly impact your present destiny. When you learn the cause, you can find the solution and move your life forward in a brand new direction.

In particular, Sandra will:
• Explain the powers of Repetition, Karmic Compensation, and “Retribution;”
• Teach you how to interpret and reverse problem patterns;
• Lead you through a powerful, focused regression to reveal the hidden sources of present concerns.

Lesson 3: Rewriting the Past—Shifting the Present!
Once you become aware of your past-life sources, you can go back and shift the negative energy there. Clear the past of emotional blocks and unhealthy conclusions, and accelerate the momentum of your present life.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:
• Learn the four steps to karmic healing;
• Discover how to release toxic attachments and clear the way for profound changes;
• Experience a guided visualization to rescript the past and create a new, empowered code.
Lesson 4: Karmic Freedom—Past, Present, and Future!
In this lesson, Sandra takes an in-depth look at karmic relationships, including personal, romantic, family, and cultural connections. Tap into the Akashic Records to witness a potential future life and set new intentions for happiness and success.

In particular, you will:
• Find out how to heal present relationships as well as attract new ones;
• Uncover the power of group karma and shared spirit intentions;
• Learn a fun and interesting process to see how your present circumstances could play out in a future life—and how to program a new vision of the future!

This Online Course provides all four lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.