Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Embracing a Plant-Empowered Lifestyle by Kris Carr

    Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Embracing a Plant-Empowered Lifestyle

    Kris Carr interviewed by Jessica Ortner

    by  Kris Carr

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    Publisher: Hay House

    Publication Date: 6/1/13

    ISBN: ZM02

    Version: Unabridged

    "Join Kris Carr, author of the Crazy Sexy Cancer book series, including the newest installment Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and Jessica Ortner of as they discuss the many benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle. For the past decade, Kris has thrived while living with cancer, and in this interview she offers some of the tips and tricks that have helped her along the way. One concept she emphasizes is called turtle power, which is a way of approaching larger changes by tackling one small change at a time. With slow changes in mind, Kris suggests tuning in to your own body and searching for what nutrients or lifestyle changes you may need. And for even deeper self-research, she suggests working with a functional-medicine practitioner and developing your personal-wellness team. Listen in as she gives her recipe for an easy green juice or smoothie and recommendations for picking from the “Dirty Dozen” or the “Clean Fifteen.” She also shares wisdom on the best ways to incorporate a morning spiritual practice and the importance of addressing any emotional issues that may arise throughout this lifestyle change. Kris’s inspirational story will leave you empowered to take on a plant-based lifestyle. As she says, “Make juice, not war!” "

    Please note: This interview is from the Hay House World Summit 2013 and will only be available for purchase until June 21, 2013.