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    Curb the Chaos by Dorothy Breininger

    Curb the Chaos

    by  Dorothy Breininger

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    This Five-Session Course with Dorothy Breininger that gives you the tools you will need to find out your clutter factor and how the clutter in your life is preventing you from living the life you were meant to live. In this transformational online course, DorothytheOrganizer, America’s most innovative organizer, author, motivational speaker, life coach and expert guest on A&E's Hoarders show, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, View and Today Show helps you create a personalized action plan that removes the clutter in your life that has kept you from success. Dorothy tackles what is out of whack in our lives from the much-needed perspective of what lies underneath our clutter—metaphorically, physically, and emotionally.

    Curb the Chaos is not just about the physical clutter in our life but also the emotional clutter, external chaos, and body clutter. Clutter is never about “stuff.” Clutter represents something else going on in your life that is out of whack – toxic relationships, trauma, fear, disappointment, lost dreams, unfulfilled expectations, poor communications, guilt, or feeling overwhelmed. Clutter is created when we stop honoring and respecting ourselves, our families, what we own, where we live, and the choices we have made in our life. Dorothy will help you identify the chaos in your life and provide you with the tools, information and solutions you need to succeed. In Curb The Chaos Dorothy is revealing the same secrets, techniques, and personal action plans she creates for her private clients during in-home retreats that cost over $1,500.

    Over the five sessions with Dorothy, you will:
    • Identify the chaos in your life and how it is preventing you from success.
    • Rediscover your goals and dreams to design the life you were meant to live.
    • Banish the emotional clutter: guilt, past failures, lack of self-esteem, toxic relationships, fears & anxieties.
    • Remove the physical and emotional obstacles that are blocking you from living an extraordinary life.
    • Create a personalized action plan packed with the tips and tools you need to succeed.
    • Connect directly with Dorothy during monthly live Q&A sessions.
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    By Nicole on Feb 08, 2017

    I should have bought this course a long time ago. Dorothy explains things in a very practical way. The steps she provides are very do-able.