Deep Truth: Behind the Scenes with Gregg Braden by Gregg Braden

    Deep Truth: Behind the Scenes with Gregg Braden

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    by  Gregg Braden

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    A new world has arrived, and life as we’ve known it in the past has changed forever!

    The question is no longer when a great shift will occur? The question now is where are the changes leading, what can we realistically expect, and what does it all mean for us—our families, our communities, our lives?

    Discover what the greatest minds of our generation are saying about this and so much more in this one-of-a-kind Online Streaming Event with Hay House author and visionary scientist, Gregg Braden.

    In May of 2012, Gregg spoke to the Hay House Audience at the I Can Do It Conference in Vancouver, BC. Due to time, he had to selectively pick and choose what to share. Now we’re bringing you never-before-seen footage of Gregg as he fills in the gaps, gives you a deeper understanding of this important time and the shifts that are coming, and expands upon the topics he teaches in his live seminar events.

    Hear behind-the-scenes commentary and stories directly from Gregg on his travels, the people he’s met and the changes that are coming as we approach December 21st, 2012!

    The Stage is Set:
    Many of the hottest issues at the core of our great social divisions—seemingly separate issues such as economic collapse, war, terror, genocide and poverty are actually related. They all stem from the false assumptions of science that have compromised our core human values and led to the thinking that has brought us to the brink of disaster and the loss of all that we cherish as a civilization.

    The Question:
    How can we know what choices to make, what policies and laws to enact, how to build sustainable economies, share life-saving technology, and bridge the issues that tear at the fabric of society until we solve the single mystery that remains at the heart of our existence: Who Are We? And that’s where Deep Truth comes in.

    This program reveals:
    -The scientific discoveries that forever change the way we’ve been taught to think about ourselves!
    -The direct and personal experience of heart/brain coherence and the power it has to bring healing to our bodies and peace between nations!

    Through a multi-media presentation of easy-to understand science and the wisdom traditions of the past, Gregg explores the deep truth at the root of today’s greatest crises. He then describes how new discoveries hold the key to life-affirming changes that we can make in our personal lives, as well as collectively in our families, communities and in our world.

    This program is a wakeup call to the ideas that now threaten our existence, and a vehicle to spotlight the lifesaving discoveries that give meaning and hope for the new world that is emerging before our eyes.