Einstein's Business by Dawson Church

    Einstein's Business

    by  Dawson Church


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    Publisher: Elite Books

    Publication Date: 4/1/13

    ISBN: 9781600700156

    At this threshold of our species' evolution there is an increasing recognition that new approaches are needed to create the radical changes necessary for humanity to survive on this planet. Business is not exempt-it's at the center of this radical change. Business can even be the lynch-pin around which the rest of social transformation takes place, and can lead the way as we relinquish our addiction to control and to the extreme competitiveness that has paralysed us and prevented us from uniting to address the urgency of the crisis at hand.

    In this anthology, some of the best-selling business authors of today infuse their visions, experiences, and insights into the ongoing conversation about how to find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. The guiding principles for the book are derived from the inspiring, timeless wisdom of Albert Einstein, a man who modelled the ability to be a channel for intuitive, imaginative, and collective intelligence. From that realm we can draw on collective intelligence to re-invent ourselves and transform business.
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