Emotional Balance by Dr. Roy Martina

    Emotional Balance

    The Path to Inner Peace and Harmony

    by  Dr. Roy Martina


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    Publication Date: 3/15/11

    ISBN: 9781401935481

    Dr. Roy Martina has developed a powerful and comprehensive healing system called “Omega Healing,” which is part of the Omega Way of Life. This preventive system has been acknowledged as one of the most powerful healing techniques currently available. It tackles the root cause of problems—not just the symptoms. Balancing the mental, emotional, and physical body and returning to our core essence restores us to greater health, happiness, and freedom.

    Roy Martina is a doctor of medicine who has spent the last 30 years studying acupuncture and numerous holistic techniques in order to offer people a profound level of healing. He has been tireless in his pursuit of methods that work swiftly and effectively to aid the healing process. This work has put him at the leading edge of the holistic and self-help world.

    In this extraordinary book he explains:
    • Effective breathing techniques that help you connect to your inner power
    • How to disconnect old karmic links and restore lost parts of your soul
    • How to stay aware of and solve emotional and mental blocks and quickly regain emotional balance in all situations.
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