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Energy Breakthrough: Seven Simple Steps That Could Change Everything! Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 3
Four-Lesson Online Course with Sandra Anne Taylor
by Sandra Anne Taylor

Date: 9/27/12 - 12/31/20 Sponsored by: Hay House Format: On Demand Downloads Location: Online Course, Hay House Radio $116.00

Energy Breakthrough: Seven Simple Steps That Could Change Everything! Quantum Life Coaching Certification - Level 3

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Do the patterns of your life seem to have a momentum of their own? Does it seem like no matter what you do, the same old problems and people keep cropping up and blocking your way? This is due to your reactive patterns, the unspoken, sometimes even unknown, energetic influences you've been living with all along.

These subtle but very powerful patterns are driven by the force of habit and spontaneous reaction. Often based in difficult emotions and negative conclusions, they can be some of your strongest destiny creators! But they don't have to direct your destiny any longer!

In this new and groundbreaking process, you will learn how to finally release your old reactive patterns and break through the cycles of frustration into the unparalleled joy and success you deserve.

This is the first time that Sandra Taylor reveals the Seven Steps of Active Patterning, an amazingly easy and direct process that can completely reroute the direction of your life. Through a comprehensive and unique approach, this fascinating and unbelievably simple single step of energy decoding and redirection, could be just the thing you need to change everything!

Join Sandra as she illuminates the Seven Breakthrough forces that, once engaged in, will create an entirely new lifestyle for you. These are the "missing links" to the process of success, and you can locate their energy and re-awaken to their power in your life.

This four lesson seminar also includes:
• Identifying Reactive Patterns and understanding their code in your life
• The process Active Patterning
• The Seven Breakthrough Steps
• The single Energy Decoding and Redirection technique
• The Seven Breakthrough Forces, their vibrational location, and the individual energy techniques to ignite each one
• The Rapid Visualization and Affirmation Technique

Please note: Sandra has created this course for anyone who wants to break unwanted patterns. You can take this course solely for your own benefit or as part of her Quantum Life Coaching Certification. For those who do want to be certified with Sandra, this is level 3 of her 3-level certification. In order to be certified, you must take the Level 1 On-Demand, the Level 2 On-Demand and complete this course. You don't need to take level 1 and 2 before taking level 3.

Energy Breakthrough Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Discovering the Seven Breakthrough Forces
This first lesson examines the major energetic forces that could still be lying dormant due to your old reactive patterns. Find out where these energies are located in your resonant system, and learn about the first three forces in detail in this session. In this enlightening lesson you will learn:
• How—and where—your reactive patterns could be blocking your vital magnetic energies
• How each of the Seven Breakthrough Forces accelerate your personal and professional success

Lesson 2: Igniting the Seven Breakthrough Forces
In lesson two, find out what you can do to spark your energetic forces into active destiny creation. Special guest Sharon A. Klingler, medium and intuitive, will join in exploring the remaining vibrations and locations. Once you activate these forces, you set brand new patters of magnetism in your daily life and energetic projection. In this enlightening lesson you will learn:
• Identify reactive patterns and let them go
• Energetic processes and techniques to ignite each Breakthrough Force

Lesson 3: Aligning Your Energy with Universal Flow
In this lesson you will discover the easy-to-use, yet profoundly significant process that will quite literally change your life! These seven simple steps can be applied to any negative pattern, worry, fear, or addiction. In fact, you will find that no other process aligns your energy with Universal flow and synchronicity like this. Included in this life-changing lesson will be:
• The Seven Breakthrough Steps
• The Core Breakthrough Energy and Intention position

Lesson 4: Recoding Your Consciousness
Once learned, the Breakthrough steps can be condensed into one powerful core technique that takes just moments to do and yet has extremely powerful and beneficial effects. This will instantly change your core vibration and shift your consciousness, dramatically changing your results as well. Included in these life-changing sessions will be:
• The Process of Active Patterning to release fear and doubt and create a genuinely joyous vibration
• The Rapid Visualization and Affirmation Technique for power projections

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More about Sandra: Sandra Anne Taylor is the New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success, The Hidden Power of Your Past Lives, and Truth, Triumph, and Transformation. In her 25 years as a counselor in private psychological practice, she has focused on the treatment of anxiety, depression, and relationship problems; and she speaks internationally on the life-changing powers of personal energy and consciousness creation. Her present consulting practice includes intuitive coaching, energy and past-life readings; cognitive restructuring; and consciousness shifting for personal empowerment, happiness, and success. Her books are available in 26 languages throughout the world. Sandra’s popular radio show, Living Your Quantum Success, can be heard Mondays on®.

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