Fast Thinking...New Living by Mike Dooley

    Fast Thinking...New Living

    by  Mike Dooley, David Casti

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    Since the dawn of time, humanity has uncovered certain truths pertaining to the nature of reality. Truths that have been captured in myths, legends and scriptures and passed down through generations. Now, at the start of the 21st century, scientific research is confirming what the mystics and priests have told us all along, minus their all-too-common agendas for manipulation and coercion. Specifically, neuropsychology, which studies the structure and function of the human brain as it relates to its environment, is revealing how we are literally wired not only to survive, but to prevail and succeed. It’s showing us that success, in fact, is not only an option, but our default setting.

    One only needs to look at the physical world and the evolution of its species for proof. Just as the amoeba did not remain an amoeba, neither has humankind ever rested – continually expanding, evolving, and achieving to such a degree in present times that our lives and behaviors today hardly resemble what they were a mere 10 years ago.

    This is not a program on the origins of humanity or a search for God. It’s a program of settled science that:

    • explores what “is,” our role in “it,” and how to deliberately harness the self-evident power we possess using the truly phenomenal, yet mostly untapped, tool of our brains.
    • inspires confidence, raises expectations, and affords traction that will help you create change in the areas of your life that are anything less than pleasing.
    • guides participants into waking up, seeing, and using the timeless truths that have been before them all along.


    You’re about to learn how ancient spiritual teachings and modern axioms are far more dependable when blind faith is replaced with knowing, when you come to deeply understand:

    • how replacing rituals with simple exercises can make “success” easier to achieve than ever before.
    • that life is far more “rewarding of effort” than even our greatest optimists have ever imagined.
    • how to prevent honest mistakes and eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts.
    • how to use your ever-vigilant brain to amplify your creativity and enhance your strengths.
    • how health, prosperity, and happiness can become your new normal. And finally,
    • how to hone thought patterns to re-calibrate your thinking and “lift the bar” towards physically living your dreams.

    Absolutely no technical or scientific background is needed for this course and all of the exercises are not only accessible for adults, but are as helpful as they are entertaining for the entire family – literally anyone, of any age, with the desire to improve the their life will benefit from this three-part course.

    The Curriculum

    Session 1: Your Brain - The Missing Manual

    • Learn the basic principles upon which your brain now functions
    • Recognize the short-cuts and mistakes all brains make, and why they matter
    • Understand “brain settings” and discover your own
    • Begin reprogramming your brain and its settings - right now, in class, together


    Session 2: Setting Your Sights on Success

    • Be convinced of your natural-born inclination to succeed
    • Learn about the wise and constructive use of doubt
    • Tap into and direct your brain's superpowers using four magic words
    • A simple technique that can transform your life in just a few minutes every day


    Session 3: Supercharging Your Creative Power

    • Aligning with nature’s  built-in systems that push you on to greatness
    • Neutralizing the negativity and the toxic behavior of others
    • Master two simple tricks can break any undesirable habit
    • Develop a practice for moving into a peak mental state for deliberate living
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