Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace

    Feng Shui Simply

    Change Your Life from the Inside Out

    by  Cheryl Grace


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    Publication Date: 4/25/13

    ISBN: 9781401939786

    Feng Shui Simply shows you how to apply the principles of feng shui in ways that are personally meaningful, using your own intuitive abilities to determine what's true and important for you and what enhancements will be most effective in the situations you face. This is the inner work of feng shui - not just painting your walls certain colours or arranging the furniture a certain way, but designing, at a much deeper level, the life you're meant to live.

    Cheryl Grace, a former ESPN executive who's now a sought-after feng shui practitioner and design professional, turns the ancient wisdom into a uniquely powerful programme of discovery and self-fulfillment. Traditional feng shui, as many know, uses a tool called the Bagua: a map that divides a space into nine zones, or guas, each associated with a fundamental aspect of life, such as Wealth and Prosperity; Fame and Reputation; or Love, Marriage and Relationships. Cheryl has taken this concept an important step further to develop her own Inner Wisdom Bagua, a template for managing life's challenges and maximising life's possibilities in every area. In this book, the traditional ways of working with energy to create balance in the Bagua, using the five elements and the dynamic tension between yin and yang, become pathways to a new level of harmony.
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